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Gusseted Bags Explained: Types, Uses & Applications

Side Gusseted Bag Pouch

A gusset bag is a type of bag that has been designed with extra space and support structure usually on the side or bottom of the bag. Gusset bags are ideal for packaging applications that require more filling volume or weight capacity. These bags can either be poly (plastic) bags or pouches. 

Gusset poly bags and pouches can both be customized with graphics, branding, size, and shape. They are an ideal and popular packaging solution for bulky and heavier items that need to be packaged in a pouch or bag. 

Gusseted Bag Types: Side Vs Bottom

Side Gusset

Side gusset bags have extra material on the side, which enables the package to expand and support additional weight and items. The design of these bags gives the packaging a less boxed shape, which allows it to take less shelf space. However, it can be more difficult to display these products as they are harder to stack on one another.

Side Gusset Packaging Applications

Typically, side gusset bags are used to package food and food related products such as snacks, dry ingredients, frozen food, coffee, pet food and tea. However, side gusset bags have also been used for other products such as clothing and personal care products.

Bottom Gusset

Bottom gusseted bags have extra material and support at the bottom of the bag, which enables the package to stand upright and be more versatile in shape and size (compared to side gusset). 

Bottom Gusset Applications

Bottom gussets are used for a wide variety of packaging applications such as snacks, candy, liquid products, sanitary products, baking powder, coffee and pharmaceuticals.

custom printed bottom gusset poly bag

Which Should You Buy? Side Vs. Bottom Gusset

Ultimately, whether you should buy a side or bottom gusset bag or pouch will largely rely on your product, goals and preference. Side gusset bags tend to take up less shelf space, while bottom gusset bags tend to be more display appealing. You may want your package to be designed as a lay flat or stand up, stackable or non-stackable which can help you determine what packaging to choose.

If you are interested in gusseted bags for your business, then contact Brown Packaging today to get started.

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