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Wholesale Chipboard Packaging Insert Supplier

Custom Chipboard Inserts

Protect your products with custom chipboard packaging inserts designed for your product. Optimize the size, shape and material needed to create your inserts, prevent products from shifting and becoming damaged. Print options and graphic design available in addition to structural design services.

Custom chipboard box with chipboard inserts

Wholesale Chipboard Packaging Insert Supplier

Custom Chipboard Inserts

Protect your products with custom chipboard packaging inserts designed for your product. Optimize the size, shape and material needed to create your inserts, prevent products from shifting and becoming damaged. Print options and graphic design available in addition to structural design services.

Custom chipboard box with chipboard inserts

What is a Chipboard Packaging Insert?

Chipboard and paperboard inserts are essential components of modern packaging. They offer lightweight yet sturdy protection and organization for products during shipping and presentation. Custom-designed to fit securely within packaging boxes, these inserts prevent product shifting and reduce the risk of damage during transit. They find applications across various industries, providing benefits such as enhanced product protection, improved organization, and an elevated presentation.

These inserts are versatile, coming in various shapes and sizes, making them adaptable to a wide range of products. They can be further customized with branding and graphics to reinforce brand identity. Overall, chipboard and paperboard inserts play a vital role in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable packaging solutions that enhance the overall value of products for businesses and customers alike.

Chipboard box with with chipboard insert

Chipboard Insert Product Options

Selecting the right type of chipboard insert is essential for effective packaging. Consider factors such as material, customization and insert style to ensure that your packaging solution aligns perfectly with your product’s protection and presentation needs.

Insert Types

Tray inserts provide structured support and organization, ensuring your products remain secure and presentable during shipping. Their design adds a professional touch to your packaging, enhancing both protection and visual appeal. Tailor these inserts to your specific needs for an organized and polished presentation.

Multi-layered inserts offer an additional layer of protection, accommodating various product sizes and fragility levels to ensure safe transportation. These inserts are customizable to your exact specifications, guaranteeing that each item is securely cradled for a damage-free journey. Benefit from enhanced product safety and peace of mind with our multi-layered insert solutions.

Our partition inserts create organized compartments within your packaging, preventing product collision and maintaining order during transit. Crafted for both protection and convenience, these inserts offer a secure solution for shipping multiple items within a single package. Ensure your products reach their destination undamaged and well-arranged with our partition insert options.

Pad inserts provide stability and a secure base for your products, ensuring safe and stable shipping. Designed to protect the bottom of your items, these inserts maintain your products’ integrity and presentation throughout their journey. Choose our pad inserts for dependable support and a professional packaging solution.

Product cavities are precision-designed to protect uniquely shaped items. Inserts can be customized to match your product’s contours precisely. They ensure a snug fit that prevents movement and damage during shipping, making them ideal for specialty or fragile products.

Material Options

SUS/CUK material is known for its strength and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty packaging needs. It’s made from unbleached wood pulp, giving it a natural, rustic appearance, and is often coated for added moisture resistance and printability. This material is commonly used for packaging items that require robust protection, like electronics and hardware.

SBS is a high-quality, premium paperboard material, known for its bright, clean appearance and excellent printing surface. It is made from bleached virgin wood pulp, making it ideal for high-end packaging applications where a strong visual impact is desired. Common uses include cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food packaging, where both aesthetics and product protection are key.

CCNB, Clay Coated News Back, is a cost-effective and eco-friendly material option for folding cartons, made from recycled newsprint and covered with a clay coating. This coating provides a smooth, white surface ideal for high-quality printing and vibrant graphics, making it a popular choice for consumer goods packaging. CCNB is not only durable but also sustainable, appealing to environmentally conscious brands and consumers looking for responsible packaging solutions.

CRB is an eco-friendly packaging option made from recycled materials. It’s a sturdy, cost-effective choice suitable for a wide range of packaging applications. The recycled content makes it a preferred choice for brands focused on sustainability, and it’s often used for everyday consumer goods packaging.

Micro-flute corrugated is a lightweight yet sturdy material, offering excellent protection with a thinner profile than traditional corrugated cardboard. It’s ideal for delicate items needing extra cushioning and is easily customizable for various packaging shapes and sizes. This material is often chosen for its balance of protective qualities and ease of handling, suitable for items like glassware and electronics.

UKB, or uncoated kraft boxboard, is a robust and versatile material known for its natural, organic appearance. Made from unbleached kraft paper, it provides a sturdy and eco-friendly packaging option, often favored for its recyclability and compostability. This material is commonly used for products where a rustic, earthy aesthetic is desired, such as organic or artisanal goods, and is valued for its simplicity and strength.


Tailor your packaging inserts with custom cavities that precisely match your product’s shape, ensuring a secure fit that prevents movement during shipping.

Personalize the size and shape of your inserts to accommodate various product dimensions, offering flexibility and protection for items of different sizes.

Choose from various thickness options, including 12pt, 18pt, and 24pt, to ensure the appropriate level of protection for your products, whether they’re small electronics, cosmetics, or larger items.

Select from digital, flexographic, or lithographic printing methods to achieve the desired print quality for your inserts. These options allow you to showcase your branding, product imagery, and messaging effectively.

Enhance your inserts with additional features such as tear-off tabs, product display windows, or cutouts, providing added functionality and convenience for your customers.

Opt for eco-friendly materials and designs to align with sustainable packaging practices, demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility.

Customize your inserts with your brand’s logo, product details, and captivating graphics to create a professional and memorable presentation.

Incorporate user-friendly elements such as easy-open tabs or labels with product instructions to improve the overall customer experience when unpacking your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chipboard inserts can be used for a variety of products that are nonfragile and lightweight such as consumer goods, industrial products and more.

Yes, we do offer recyclable and compostable materials. Contact us and we can go over sustainable options with you that best fit your project.

Order minimums vary from project to project, it usually depends on the type of packaging, design, size and desired materials. Contact us and we will evaluate the best options for your packaging needs.

Lead times can vary depending on your design, quantity, materials and other factors. To get an accurate lead time for your project, contact us and a packaging expert will assist you.

Alternative inserts include thermoform, corrugated and foam. Corrugated  can be manufactured at different levels of thickness and strength. Foam can be manufactured with different materials and densities.

Shipping is free to all Southern California businesses. Fees are generally added to orders outside of Southern California or if you need a rush order.

Custom folding carton auto bottom with chipboard insert and cavities