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Case Studies

Learn about our past projects and how we turned challenges into valuable opportunities for our clients.


Gradient Medical needed to develop a new packaging concept for their soon-to-be-launched Quadrabloc product line. Although they had all their product ready to go, they entrusted us with the entire creation & production of the complex packaging they needed. One of the problems they needed to solve was the creation of a packaging method that kept their very strong neuromagnets stored safely. Alongside the magnet solution, the Quadrabloc neuromagnets needed a complex packaging design to ship efficiently, display attractively, and remain cost effective.

Type Of Project

Quadrabloc Case study: rigid box
Hammer & Anvils Folding Carton Retail

Hammers & Anvils

Our friends at Grim Tavern Games came to us with a new idea – a Kickstarter funded game that appeals to all ages and all different fans of tabletop games. They had an outstanding set of artwork and ideas ready to develop into a card game, and they asked us to work with them on developing the packaging and helping them with ideas to get their Kickstarter rolling.

Type Of Project


Nest Bedding came to us with a very unique and fun challenge – they wanted to create the first fully corrugated bed platform in America. They wanted our help in designing a 100% recyclable, fully corrugated, strong and durable platform that could benefit all: cheaper than regular beds, easier to assemble, environmentally friendly, and strong enough to weather decades of use. With no other project like it, we had to imagine and reimagine the entire vision from scratch. Today, we announce the ‘Bedigami’ – America’s first 100% corrugated bed platform.

Type Of Project

Bedigami - Case study Corrugated bed

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