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Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Anti-Static Foam & More

Foam Inserts For Hard Cases

We specialize in crafting custom foam inserts for hard cases, ensuring maximum protection while optimizing material usage to meet the specific needs of each product. Our versatility allows us to create these customized solutions across a wide variety of applications, guaranteeing top-notch security and organization.

custom hard case with foam insert

Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Anti-Static Foam & More

Foam Inserts For Hard Cases

We specialize in crafting custom foam inserts for hard cases, ensuring maximum protection while optimizing material usage to meet the specific needs of each product. Our versatility allows us to create these customized solutions across a wide variety of applications, guaranteeing top-notch security and organization.

custom hard case with foam insert

Hard Case Foam Products & Applications

Explore our aerospace and defense packaging solutions, crafted to protect your critical components and equipment during transportation and storage. We ensure the security and integrity of your assets, from sensitive electronics to heavy machinery, throughout their lifecycle.

custom hard case with foam insert

Our tailored solutions ensure your communication equipment remains secure and organized, offering reliable protection during any mission or operation. Enhance your product offerings with our top-notch foam inserts.

Preserve your drone investments and bolster your product lineup with our precise storage solutions, accommodating equipment and accessories for safe transport and enhanced customer value.

Protect your photography gear during business travel and augment your product portfolio with custom-cut storage spaces, safeguarding cameras, lenses, filters, and accessories for added customer satisfaction.

Organize business tools efficiently, prevent damage, and enhance the value of your product offerings.

Keep archery gear in top shape, while simultaneously expanding your product range with custom compartments that securely hold bows, arrows, quivers, and accessories, offering comprehensive solutions to your customers.

Immerse your clients and partners in VR experiences, secure in the knowledge that your equipment is securely stored and ready for use, enhancing your product offerings for maximum customer engagement.

Protect electronic gadgets with tailored storage solutions designed to shield them from shocks, impacts, and environmental factors, ensuring reliable performance and value-added products for your customers.

Maintain the integrity of medical instruments with organized and sterile storage solutions, ensuring quick access during critical procedures and adding value to your healthcare product line.

Trust our tailored inserts to keep musical instruments safe during transport, providing dedicated spaces for guitars, violins, trumpets, and more, augmenting your musical product offerings.

Protect sensitive scientific equipment with precision-engineered compartments that ensure consistent and accurate results in your business’s experiments and research, enhancing your scientific product line.

Ensure gaming consoles and accessories are well-organized and protected during business travel, enhancing the customer experience and the appeal of your gaming products.

Keep power tools in top condition with organized storage that securely holds tools, batteries, and chargers, offering comprehensive solutions to customers in construction or maintenance industries.

If you have a product that doesn’t fit into one of our other categories, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Contact Brown Packaging to discuss your packaging needs and we will work with you to create a customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

Hard Case Foam Options

When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment and items within hard cases, choosing the right foam type is essential. Here are some commonly used foams, each with its unique properties and ideal applications:

  • Description: Polyurethane foam is renowned for its versatility and excellent cushioning properties. It excels in shock absorption and is ideal for safeguarding delicate items.
  • Ideal Applications: Perfect for sensitive electronics, cameras, lenses, and precision instruments due to its superior cushioning and protection against impact.
  • Description: Lightweight and durable, polyethylene foam is chemically resistant and offers moisture resistance. It’s a reliable choice for impact protection in hard cases.
  • Ideal Applications: Suitable for protecting equipment, tools, and items in environments where moisture or chemicals may be present. Commonly used in industrial and military applications.
  • Description: EVA foam is highly resilient and shock-absorbent, known for its flexibility and soft texture. It provides cushioning and protection for fragile items.
  • Ideal Applications: Excellent for electronics, cameras, lenses, and delicate equipment due to its cushioning properties and flexibility that can accommodate various shapes and sizes.
  • Description: Cross-linked polyethylene foam features a strong, closed-cell structure, offering superior impact resistance and durability. It ensures long-lasting protection.
  • Ideal Applications: Ideal for heavy-duty applications like industrial tools, medical devices, and equipment with high impact potential.
  • Description: Polypropylene foam provides good cushioning and durability while being resistant to moisture and chemicals. It’s a dependable choice for protective inserts.
  • Ideal Applications: Suitable for healthcare equipment, automotive parts, and items requiring protection against chemicals and environmental factors.
  • Description: Convoluted foam showcases a distinctive egg crate pattern that evenly distributes weight and reduces pressure points. It offers cushioning and support.
  • Ideal Applications: Frequently used for audio equipment, musical instruments, and sensitive electronics that benefit from the even support provided by the convoluted design.
  • If you require foam solutions beyond the commonly mentioned types, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Brown Packaging. Our team specializes in creating custom foam inserts tailored to your unique requirements. Let us help you find the perfect foam solution to protect and showcase your products.
custom hard case with foam insert

Hard Case Foam Customization & Structural Design

Our experienced team provides valuable guidance throughout the structural design and customization process, offering insights and recommendations to optimize protection, efficiency and organization.

custom hard case with foam insert

Our structural design expertise extends to creating custom foam inserts in a wide range of sizes and shapes, ensuring a precise fit for your equipment or products, including anti-static and conductive solutions when needed.

We meticulously choose foam materials, including anti-static and conductive options, that match the unique requirements of your items, considering factors like fragility, weight, and environmental conditions.

We focus on optimizing the structural design to provide the best protection while being mindful of cost-efficiency, including cost-effective anti-static and conductive solutions when necessary.

Our designs prioritize shock-absorbing features to minimize the impact of jolts or drops, ensuring your equipment remains intact.

Our structural design services include expertise in creating anti-static and conductive foam inserts, ensuring that your sensitive electronic equipment remains protected from static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD) while being securely organized within hard cases.

We specialize in crafting innovative compartments within the foam inserts to accommodate specific accessories or components, maximizing functionality.

We offer designs that consider stackability and modular configurations, allowing for efficient storage and transport of multiple cases.

We rigorously test both the foam materials, including anti-static and conductive variants, and the final product designs to ensure they meet quality and performance standards, guaranteeing the utmost protection.

We offer sampling and prototyping services, including anti-static and conductive options, allowing you to evaluate and refine the foam insert design before full production, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.

Utilize variable foam density in your inserts, ensuring different areas provide the right level of support and protection for each item.

Opt for foam materials that offer resistance to extreme temperatures, ensuring your equipment remains protected in various environments.

If you have specific customization requirements beyond the categories mentioned, please feel free to reach out to Brown Packaging. Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you to create tailor-made foam inserts that meet your exact specifications.