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Retail & Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Custom Subscription Boxes

We specialize in creating custom subscription boxes that enhance your brand identity, entice your customers, and deliver an unrivaled unboxing experience. Elevate your product presentation and ensure the safety and aesthetics of your products with our innovative and sustainable packaging options.

Retail & Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Custom Subscription Box

We specialize in creating custom subscription boxes that enhance your brand identity, entice your customers, and deliver an unrivaled unboxing experience. Elevate your product presentation and ensure the safety and aesthetics of your products with our innovative and sustainable packaging options.

What is a Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are typically constructed from sturdy and durable corrugated material, offering excellent protection for the enclosed items. However, depending on the products and brand aesthetic, they can also be made from chipboard or paperboard materials, presenting a range of customizable options to perfectly reflect the brand’s ethos and the customers’ expectations.

One of the standout features of subscription boxes is their customizability, allowing for diverse personalizations including brand-specific graphics, product information, or inspirational messages to engage the recipient. This versatility extends to their applications as well. Whether it’s a gourmet food box, a monthly beauty kit, a children’s educational toy package, or a book club delivery, the potential themes are endless. 

Custom subscription boxes not only deliver products but also convey a brand’s story, creating a more profound connection with the customer and a truly immersive unboxing experience.

Subscription Options and Features

Explore our wide range of subscription box options and features, offering a variety of customizable packaging solutions to amplify your brand’s appeal. With our diverse materials, innovative designs, and special add-on features, you can create a memorable and unique unboxing experience for your customers.

Print Options

Ideal for high-volume orders, flexographic printing is both versatile and cost-effective. Using flexible relief plates, it creates vibrant, high-quality prints that bring life to any package’s exterior, ensuring an engaging and memorable unboxing journey for your customers.

Digital printing serves as the perfect solution for precise, detailed, and colorful graphics. Whether you require photorealistic designs or intricate patterns, this method provides accuracy and exceptional color reproduction. Best suited for smaller batches or projects with frequently changing designs, it offers quick turnaround times and easy customization.

Offering unparalleled print quality with a professional finish, lithographic, or offset printing, is the go-to choice for complex, finely detailed artwork. Ensuring sharp, clear images and text, it elevates the overall presentation of your packages. Although requiring a more significant initial setup, it proves incredibly efficient and cost-effective for large production runs.

Utilizing the inner surface of your packaging can significantly enhance the overall customer experience. This overlooked canvas can display additional product details, narrate your brand narrative, showcase artistic elements, or provide useful instructions. Making full use of this space can surprise your customers, making their encounter with your product unforgettable and exceeding their expectations.

The outer presentation of your packaging is pivotal in creating initial impressions. Serving as a portable billboard for your brand, a well-crafted exterior can draw attention and generate excitement. From a simple logo and brand colors to intricate designs, patterns, or high-quality images, the exterior can mirror your brand’s persona. Unique printing techniques such as embossing, debossing, UV spot finishes, or metallic foils can amplify the visual and tactile allure of your packaging, signifying a premium brand presence.


A gloss finish is a shiny and reflective surface that is achieved by applying a gloss varnish over the printed surface. This finish enhances the vibrancy and saturation of the colors and makes the printed graphics appear more eye-catching.

A matte finish is a non-glossy surface that has a flat and velvety texture. This finish provides a subtle and sophisticated look and reduces glare, making it ideal for printing products that require a professional look.

Spot UV is a printing technique that involves printing a clear UV varnish in specific areas of the printed surface to create a glossy texture on specific parts of the design. This finish adds depth and texture to the printed graphics and enhances the overall appearance of the product.

Litho lamination is a finishing process that involves bonding a printed piece to a thick layer of paper, plastic or film. This finish provides extra protection to the printed surface, makes the product more durable, and enhances the overall quality of the product.

Embossing and debossing are print finishing methods where certain areas of the box are raised (embossed) or indented (debossed) to create a tactile, 3D effect. This can be used to highlight specific elements on the box, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury.

Foil stamping can be used to apply metallic foil to specific areas of your box design. This can create a shiny, reflective effect that is sure to grab the attention of your customers and make your box stand out.

There are many other finishes we can apply to your custom display such as a varnish, die-cutting, perforation, scoring, film lamination, creasing, hot foil stamping, blind embossing and others.

Features & Add-Ons

An integral component of customized packaging, graphic design encompasses the strategic use of typography, color palettes, illustrations, and other visual elements to generate an engaging aesthetic for your packaging. It plays a pivotal role in expressing your brand identity, communicating your brand message, and leaving a lasting impression on your customers. Whether it’s a minimalist design, vibrant and playful, or elegant and luxurious, the graphical representation should resonate with your target audience and enhance the overall customer experience. A well-executed graphic design can transform a simple box into a visual storytelling medium that powerfully communicates your brand’s essence.

The shape and size of your packaging are not just functional aspects, but can also significantly impact the overall presentation and customer perception of your products. With our customization options, you can break free from standard box sizes and shapes, designing packaging that perfectly fits your product and stands out on the shelf. Whether you need compact, space-efficient packaging or large, expansive boxes, we can cater to your exact specifications. Similarly, unconventional or unique shapes can be used to create a distinctive and memorable unboxing experience. In customizing the shape and size of your packaging, you ensure a seamless fit for your product while enhancing its visual appeal.

Inserts and partitions play a vital role in organizing and securing the contents of your packaging. They are essentially internal components designed to hold items in their specific place, preventing movement and potential damage during transit. This is especially valuable for delicate or high-value items. Inserts can be created to snugly fit your products, showcasing them effectively when the box is opened. Partitions, on the other hand, divide the box into different compartments, perfect for subscription boxes containing multiple separate items. These can be tailored to the exact dimensions of your products, providing an organized and professional presentation.

Choosing the right material is crucial for the look, feel, and function of your packaging. Two popular options are corrugated and chipboard/paperboard:

  • Corrugated: This robust, versatile material is well-suited to a variety of packaging needs. Corrugated boxes consist of a fluted corrugated sheet sandwiched between two linerboards. The flute size, which can range from A-flute (largest) to F-flute (smallest), affects the box’s cushioning strength, stacking strength, and printing capabilities. The thickness of the corrugated material can also be customized according to your needs, with thicker boxes offering more protection for heavy or fragile items.

  • Chipboard/Paperboard: Chipboard or paperboard is a lightweight, yet sturdy material that offers a smooth, printable surface. It’s excellent for smaller, lightweight products or items that don’t require high levels of protection. Chipboard can also come in different thicknesses, with thicker options providing more rigidity. It’s commonly used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or food products. Its clean, professional appearance and printing capabilities make it a great option for brand visibility.

Cherry locks, or cherry lock flaps, are a distinct structural feature that can be incorporated into your roll end tuck top corrugated boxes to ensure an added level of security. Located at the sides of the box, they engage when the box is assembled, creating a solid, reliable lock that ensures the box stays securely closed during transportation. In addition to enhancing box security, they can also contribute to the box’s structural integrity, making it more robust and long-lasting.

Dust flaps are small panels typically located on the inside of the top and bottom closures of the box. When the box is closed, these flaps fold inward, creating an additional protective layer that helps keep the interior of the box clean and free from dust and debris. This is particularly valuable during the storage and transport phases, ensuring that your products reach the customer in optimal condition.

Tear strips provide an easy and convenient way for customers to open their subscription box. These are particularly useful in providing a clean, neat opening, which can enhance the overall unboxing experience. Tear strips are perforated lines that customers can easily pull to open the box, ensuring the contents inside remain undisturbed until the moment of unboxing.

If your subscription boxes are to be showcased in a retail setting, hanging tabs could be a beneficial feature. These extensions allow your boxes to hang from a display rack, making them highly visible and accessible to potential customers. Hanging tabs can be customized in various shapes and sizes to suit your specific retail display needs, and they can also be tucked away neatly when not in use.

Adding reinforced handles to your subscription boxes can greatly enhance their portability. This is especially useful for larger or heavier boxes, where carrying convenience is a priority. Handles can be cut directly into the box and reinforced for added strength, or made from additional material that is firmly attached to the box. Either way, they provide a comfortable and sturdy means for customers to transport your product.

An auto bottom, also known as crash lock bottom, is a design feature where the base of the box automatically folds into place when the box is opened up. This can significantly speed up the assembly process, making it a practical choice for large-scale operations. The lock ensures a secure and stable base for your products, adding strength to the box and minimizing the risk of the bottom opening unexpectedly.

Custom cut-outs can add a distinctive touch to your subscription boxes, enhancing both design and functionality. They could serve as windows offering a sneak peek at the product inside, add aesthetic appeal, or serve as practical features like handles. When combined with creative graphic design, these cut-outs can help your boxes stand out, making them more memorable and engaging during the unboxing experience.

Adding a ribbon or bow closure can provide an elegant, gift-like feel to your packaging. This feature can make the unboxing experience feel more like unwrapping a present, which can delight customers and enhance perceived value.

At Brown Packaging, we believe in tailoring our solutions to perfectly match your needs. This is why we offer an extensive selection of other features and options to customize your packaging. Whether you’re looking for a unique closure method, specialized inserts, or any other specific requirement, we’re committed to making it happen. Our team is readily available to discuss your unique needs and help you explore the best solutions for your brand. Contact us at Brown Packaging – where the possibilities for your packaging are practically limitless.

Subscription Box Applications and Solutions

Catering to the specific needs of retail and e-commerce businesses, our subscription box solutions offer an engaging unboxing experience coupled with robust product protection. They are designed to withstand shipping challenges and provide a memorable, brand-enhancing introduction to the product within, making them an invaluable asset in the competitive retail and e-commerce markets.

When introducing a new product to the market, first impressions are crucial. Our custom boxes can be tailored to encapsulate the novelty and excitement of a new product launch, offering an engaging unboxing experience that generates buzz and leaves a lasting impact.

To keep your existing products relevant in a fast-paced market, consider refreshing their presentation with our tailored subscription boxes. They can serve as an effective medium to introduce a new marketing campaign or rebranding effort. Customization options allow for the integration of your brand’s updated visuals, messaging, and even the introduction of QR codes or AR features to link to digital content. By revitalizing your product packaging, you can rekindle consumer interest and foster a deeper connection between your customers and your brand.

In the world of electronics, products are often delicate, costly, and hold a significant place in consumers’ lives. Our subscription boxes can be engineered with protective elements such as foam inserts, static-free materials, and sturdy corrugated walls to safeguard electronic items. The exterior design can reflect the high-tech nature of your products with sleek graphics, metallic finishes, or minimalist aesthetics, creating a sense of anticipation and a sophisticated unboxing experience that mirrors the innovative nature of electronic products.

The cosmetics industry is all about beauty, self-expression, and luxury. Our custom subscription boxes for cosmetics can encapsulate these qualities through premium materials, elegant finishes, and exquisite design elements. They can include custom inserts for individual products, preserving their integrity and presenting them attractively upon opening. We can also integrate features such as mirrors or reusable elements, aligning with the values of your beauty-conscious customers and making the boxes a treasured part of their beauty routine.

Food items are as much about the experience as they are about taste. Our custom subscription boxes can elevate the culinary journey by providing an appetizing preview through high-quality, food-safe printing techniques. These boxes can be made from materials suitable for food contact, and can include thermal insulation for temperature-sensitive items. The exterior can be customized with vibrant graphics and tantalizing product images, turning the box into a canvas that visually narrates the deliciousness within.

Packaging for the medical industry necessitates the highest levels of safety, hygiene, and professionalism. Our subscription boxes can be tailored to hold medical supplies or pharmaceuticals securely, with custom inserts that prevent movement and damage. They can be printed with clear, legible labels for easy identification of contents, expiry dates, or any crucial medical information. The boxes can be made from materials that safeguard against environmental factors, ensuring the integrity of medical products from warehouse to end-user.

Subscription services thrive on the anticipation of the next delivery. Our custom boxes can enhance this excitement by providing a unique unboxing experience with each delivery. Customization options can reflect the theme of each subscription cycle, creating a fresh and engaging experience every time.

Packaging for educational materials should be as engaging as the learning journey itself. Our subscription boxes for educational items can include organizational elements for easy access to various learning materials, and the exterior design can be made appealing and educational, turning the box itself into a learning tool.

Promotional campaigns are an excellent opportunity to generate excitement around your brand, and our custom subscription boxes can be the cherry on top. Designed to reflect the theme of your campaign, these boxes can include vibrant colors, catchy slogans, and impactful visuals. They can be adapted to hold various promotional materials securely, and can include interactive elements to increase customer engagement, turning every promotional campaign into a memorable event.

Seasonal trends offer a unique opportunity to connect with your customers. Our subscription boxes can be customized to embody the spirit of various seasons or holidays. Be it the warmth of Christmas, the cheerfulness of Easter, or the spookiness of Halloween, these boxes can be designed with seasonal graphics, colors, and messaging. They can also include seasonal extras like gift tags or decorative elements, providing a festive unboxing experience that amplifies the joy of the season.

The wide variety of consumer goods necessitates versatile packaging solutions. Our subscription boxes for consumer goods can be customized to fit a broad range of products, from toys to kitchen appliances. They can include custom inserts for product security, clear printing for user instructions, or additional design elements for an enhanced unboxing experience. These boxes can capture the essence of your brand, and are designed with the end consumer in mind, ensuring a delightful unboxing journey that resonates with your customers.

The shape and size of your packaging are not just functional aspects, but can also significantly impact the overall presentation and customer perception of your products. With our customization options, you can break free from standard box sizes and shapes, designing packaging that perfectly fits your product and stands out on the shelf. Whether you need compact, space-efficient packaging or large, expansive boxes, we can cater to your exact specifications. Similarly, unconventional or unique shapes can be used to create a distinctive and memorable unboxing experience. In customizing the shape and size of your packaging, you ensure a seamless fit for your product while enhancing its visual appeal.

In the realm of fashion, presentation is everything. Our subscription boxes for clothing items can create a boutique-like experience right in your customer’s home. They can include tissue paper, stickers, custom inserts or hangers, and can be designed to keep clothing items neat and wrinkle-free. The exterior can feature your brand’s style, using quality print techniques to capture the essence of your fashion label, turning the unboxing experience into a fashion show of its own.

Hobbyists often value the experience as much as the end product. Our subscription boxes for craft and hobby items can be designed with a hands-on unboxing experience, featuring DIY elements, crafty aesthetics, or compartmentalized spaces for various craft materials.

Catering to athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our subscription boxes for sports nutrition products can convey the power and determination associated with your brand. Designed to securely hold products such as supplements, protein powders, or energy bars, these boxes can include additional information like nutritional facts, usage instructions, or even fitness tips. The exterior design can reflect the dynamism and vitality of your brand, featuring vibrant colors, bold typography, and motivating imagery, making the unboxing experience as energetic as your customers’ fitness journey.

Accessories often carry a personal touch, and our custom boxes can heighten this connection. Be it jewelry, watches, sunglasses, or any other accessory, the boxes can include velvet lining, padded inserts, or compartments to protect and present each item elegantly. The design can incorporate your brand’s aesthetics, and can include interactive elements, such as pop-up features or fold-out panels, to add a surprise element in the unboxing process.

Subscription Box Packaging Services

Brown Packaging is your partner in subscription box packaging, guiding you from concept to completion. We offer an end-to-end solution, from creating bespoke box designs to selecting optimal materials and printing options, ensuring your products are protected and presented in a manner that resonates with your customers and elevates your brand.

Expert Consulting

We offer professional consulting services to assist you in strategizing and optimizing your subscription box design and functionality.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services are at your disposal to create captivating visuals and branding elements for your subscription boxes.

Structural Design

We offer innovative structural design services, crafting box structures that effectively secure your products while enhancing the unboxing experience for your customers.


We provide comprehensive fulfillment services, ensuring your boxes are assembled, packed, and shipped efficiently and accurately.

Prototypes and Sampling

Our prototyping and sampling services allow you to visualize and test your design before full production, ensuring the final product meets your expectations.

Product and Material Testing

We conduct rigorous product and material testing to ensure your boxes withstand various shipping and handling conditions, delivering optimal protection for your products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do offer recyclable and other sustainable materials. Contact us and we can go over sustainable options with you that best fit your project.

Order minimums vary from project to project, it usually depends on the type of packaging, design, size and desired materials. Contact us and we will evaluate the best options for your packaging needs.

Lead times can vary depending on your display style, design, quantity, materials and other factors. To get an accurate lead time for your project, contact us and a packaging expert will assist you.

Alternatives to subscription box also known as RETT, include RSC, HSC, FOL, STE, RTE, RETT, and many others. Visit our corrugated box page to view all styles.

Shipping is free to all Southern California businesses. Fees are generally added to orders outside of Southern California or if you need a rush order.

Yes, we have the most common and standard sizes for boxes for sale. Contact us to see whether your desired size is available in standard or custom.

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