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Pouches, Bags, Boxes & More

Tea Packaging

Our tea packaging options seamlessly balance functionality with visual appeal, ensuring the preservation and attractiveness of your range of tea products. From pouches, poly bags, boxes, to labels and more, our diverse selection accommodates various packaging needs while maintaining a high standard of quality. Elevate your tea packaging with our reliable solutions that enhance the flavors and visual charm of your assorted tea offerings.

Custom Folding Carton

Pouches, Bags, Boxes & More

Tea Packaging

We offer custom wine packaging that includes boxes, shippers, totes, and cartons, tailored to securely deliver various bottle sizes and shapes. Each packaging option is designed to represent your brand effectively and ensure an enhanced unboxing experience for your customers.

Custom Folding Carton

Tea Bags and Pouches

Discover our premium tea bags and pouches designed to infuse your tea experience with convenience and flavor. Our tea bags, also known as tea pouches, are meticulously crafted for optimal steeping, while the pouches provide a versatile and elegant solution for storing and presenting your favorite blends.

Custom Pouch

Pouch & Bag Styles

Crafted from natural, eco-friendly materials, Kraft packaging offers a down-to-earth appeal that aligns with sustainable branding. This style exudes an organic charm while effectively shielding your tea blends from environmental factors.

For more specific customization needs beyond our listed options, we invite you to contact Brown Packaging. Our team is ready to help you explore a wide range of bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Transform your packaging into a captivating canvas with Printed pouches. Featuring intricate designs and branding, this style draws attention and communicates your tea’s uniqueness.

Engineered with durability in mind, Poly Bags provide robust protection for your tea products. With a clear view of the contents, this style combines practicality with visibility for an impactful presentation.

Achieve optimal shelf presence with Standup pouches. These pouches combine convenience and aesthetics, offering a self-standing design that maximizes visibility and ease of access.

Streamline your storage and shipping operations with Flat pouches. Sleek and efficient, this style ensures your tea packaging remains compact without compromising on protection.

Flexibility meets organization with Gusseted pouches. Ideal for larger quantities of tea, this versatile style expands to accommodate varying volumes while maintaining a structured appearance.

Introduce your tea offerings with Sample Size pouches. These compact pouches offer a tantalizing glimpse into your product range, enticing potential customers to explore your full selection.


Combine simplicity with clear branding using a plain pouch with a label attached to it. These pouches maintain a minimalist design, allowing your label to take center stage and effectively communicate your tea’s identity. This style ensures your tea products are protected while ensuring your branding message remains prominent and easily recognizable to customers.


Transform your tea packaging with a range of print methods that add depth and character to your bags and pouches. Choose from full-color digital printing to capture intricate details and vibrant hues, or opt for spot color printing to achieve specific shades that resonate with your brand. Incorporate metallic inks for a touch of elegance and opulence that enhances the visual appeal of your tea packaging, all while ensuring your branding message stands out prominently.

Craft a personalized narrative for your tea brand by selecting from a variety of material options for your pouches and bags. Opt for biodegradable films to align with eco-friendly values, providing your customers with packaging that not only preserves the freshness of the tea but also reflects your commitment to sustainability. Alternatively, choose foil laminates to shield your teas from moisture and oxygen, ensuring every cup is a flavorful delight. Kraft paper is a superb choice for those seeking a rustic, artisanal feel that evokes a connection to nature.

For a truly tailored tea packaging solution that meets your unique requirements, our “Additional Customization” category offers the opportunity to explore bespoke options beyond the standard offerings. Whether it’s specialty finishes, intricate embossing, or innovative design features, we invite you to connect with Brown Packaging to discuss your specific vision. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to bring your creative concepts to life, ensuring your tea packaging stands out in the market and resonates with your brand’s distinct personality. Contact us today to unlock a realm of possibilities that align with your brand’s essence and elevate your tea packaging to exceptional levels.

Collaborate with our design experts to curate captivating graphic designs that seamlessly weave your brand story onto your tea packaging. Unleash your brand’s essence through intricate patterns, minimalist motifs, or custom illustrations that resonate with your target audience. Each design element, from color palette to typography, is meticulously crafted to ensure your packaging encapsulates the essence of your teas and captures the attention of your customers.

Tailor your tea packaging to perfection with custom sizing that aligns with your product range and presentation preferences. Whether it’s individual tea bags or bulk quantities, the right dimensions ensure a snug fit that protects your teas while enhancing the visual appeal of your packaging. A well-fitted pouch not only preserves the quality of your teas but also communicates a sense of professionalism and attention to detail to your customers.

Delve into transparency options that resonate with your tea’s aesthetic and engagement strategy. Opt for clear pouches that showcase the contents in all their visual splendor, inviting customers to connect with the teas they’re about to enjoy. Alternatively, choose clouded pouches with window cutouts that offer a tantalizing glimpse into the tea blends, creating an element of intrigue that entices customers to explore further.

Elevate the practicality and convenience of your tea packaging with the addition of handles. Choose from built-in handles that seamlessly integrate with the design, or consider separate ribbon or rope handles that add a touch of elegance and functionality. These handles not only make carrying easier for your customers but also serve as an extension of your branding, enhancing the overall unboxing experience.

Seal the flavors of your teas securely with a variety of closure mechanisms that provide convenience and freshness. Opt for resealable zippers that allow customers to open and reseal the pouch with ease, ensuring the teas remain at their peak quality. Alternatively, consider resealable stickers or Velcro closures that facilitate effortless opening and closing, enhancing customer satisfaction and ensuring the longevity of your teas.

For a truly tailored tea packaging solution that meets your unique requirements, our “Additional Customization” category offers the opportunity to explore bespoke options beyond the standard offerings. Whether it’s specialty finishes, intricate embossing, or innovative design features, we invite you to connect with Brown Packaging to discuss your specific vision. Our dedicated team will collaborate with you to bring your creative concepts to life, ensuring your tea packaging stands out in the market and resonates with your brand’s distinct personality. Contact us today to unlock a realm of possibilities that align with your brand’s essence and elevate your tea packaging to exceptional levels.

Tea Boxes

Discover the perfect packaging solution for your teas with our versatile and customizable tea boxes. Crafted from durable corrugated materials for robust protection or elegant chipboard and paperboard for a premium presentation, our tea boxes ensure the security and appealing display of your products. Whether you opt for the durability of corrugated boxes or the sophistication of folding cartons, your teas will be expertly packaged for both protection and aesthetic appeal.

Tea Box Options

Elevate your tea packaging with Folding Cartons that seamlessly balance protection and visual appeal. Crafted from quality chipboard or paperboard materials, these versatile boxes serve as a sophisticated canvas for showcasing your tea products while ensuring their safe storage.

Choose from our diverse selection of Corrugated Boxes, suitable for both shipping and retail display. Expertly crafted from sturdy materials, these boxes provide the perfect balance between protecting your teas during transportation and presenting them elegantly on store shelves.

Our Corrugated Mailers offer a reliable packaging solution that prioritizes both convenience and protection. These compact yet robust boxes are designed to safeguard your teas during transit, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition.

Elevate your subscription experience with Subscription Boxes that excite and engage your customers. Crafted with attention to detail, these boxes offer a delightful unboxing experience while securely housing your tea products.

Maximize your brand’s prestige with Rigid Boxes that exude luxury and durability. These sturdily constructed boxes provide optimal protection for your teas while presenting them in an exquisite, high-end packaging solution.

Capture the essence of thoughtful gifting with our Gift Boxes. Crafted with creativity and care, these boxes enhance the act of presenting your tea blends as special tokens of appreciation or celebration.

Opt for the convenience of Straight Tuck End (STE) Folding Cartons, where easy assembly meets secure packaging. This style offers a sleek appearance while ensuring your teas are protected with a design that keeps the contents intact.

The Reverse Tuck End (RTE) Folding Carton offers a classic yet functional design, where both ends fold in the opposite direction for secure closure. This style not only enhances protection but also showcases your teas with its clean and engaging presentation.

Explore a world of possibilities with various box styles such as RSC (Regular Slotted Container), HSC (Half Slotted Container), FOL (Full Overlap Container), and auto-bottom boxes. For a truly customized packaging solution, connect with Brown Packaging today to discuss unique options that align with your brand’s vision and requirements.


Elevate your tea box customization with a spectrum of print options, each tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Choose Digital printing for intricate designs and vibrant colors that capture every detail with precision. Opt for Flexographic printing for efficient and cost-effective solutions, delivering consistent results that convey your brand’s essence. Alternatively, embrace Lithographic printing for a sophisticated finish, combining rich tones and sharp imagery to enhance the visual appeal of your boxes.

Customize your tea boxes with a range of material options that reflect your brand’s values. For Corrugated boxes, select flute sizes that align with your protection requirements, from the sturdiness of E-flute to the durability of B-flute. Choose between Single and Double Wall options for added strength, ensuring your teas remain well-protected during transit. For Chipboard and Paperboard boxes, explore varying thickness and size options that communicate quality and luxury, resonating with your target audience.

Customize the functionality of your tea boxes to enhance user experience. Incorporate features like spouts for easy pouring, tear notches for effortless opening, or hang holes for versatile display options. Each functional element is strategically designed to seamlessly integrate with your tea boxes, ensuring they not only protect your teas but also enrich the interaction customers have with your products.

Collaborate with our design experts to curate captivating graphic designs that seamlessly translate your brand’s essence onto your tea boxes. Tailor color palettes, typography, and imagery to ensure each box becomes an engaging canvas that conveys your brand story and captivates customers’ attention.

Tailor your tea box customization further by exploring a range of custom sizes that perfectly accommodate your products. Whether it’s crafting boxes for individual tea bags or bulk quantities, our custom sizing options ensure a snug fit that optimizes protection and presentation. With custom sizes, your tea boxes are uniquely designed to enhance the unboxing experience while showcasing your products with impeccable precision.

Enhance the tactile experience of your tea boxes with a variety of finishes that elevate their visual and sensory appeal. Choose Matte finishes for a subtle elegance that exudes sophistication, or opt for Gloss finishes that add a touch of refinement, catching the eye and enhancing the premium quality of your packaging.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by customizing your tea boxes with eco-friendly materials and practices. Opt for recycled materials, soy-based inks, and water-based coatings that align with your brand’s environmental values. Communicate your dedication to reducing your carbon footprint through packaging that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

Personalize your tea boxes with custom inserts and partitions that organize and protect your tea products during transit and display. Craft tailored compartments that prevent teas from shifting, ensuring they arrive at their destination in pristine condition. These inserts enhance the unboxing experience, offering both convenience and elegance.

From unique closures and windows to specialized printing techniques, we offer diverse ways to tailor your tea boxes to your brand’s distinct needs. For personalized packaging solutions that stand out, get in touch with us today to explore how we can transform your vision into reality.

Tea Packaging Services

Our comprehensive tea packaging services encompass expert consulting, prototypes, and samples, alongside meticulous structural and graphic design. With product and material testing as well as co-packing and fulfillment, we ensure your tea packaging journey is seamless from concept to delivery.


Expert Consulting

Leverage our industry expertise to guide you in making informed decisions that align your tea packaging with your brand’s goals and customer expectations.

Co-Packing & Fulfillment

Streamline your operations with our co-packing and fulfillment services, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the efficient packaging and delivery of your teas.

Structural Design

Our skilled team transforms concepts into reality through precise structural design, optimizing the form and function of your tea packaging for a flawless end product.


Experience the tangible manifestation of your ideas with meticulously crafted prototypes and samples that allow you to assess the visual and functional aspects of your tea packaging.

Graphic Design

Elevate your tea packaging’s visual identity with captivating graphic designs that resonate with your target audience and communicate your brand’s essence.

Product & Material testing

Ensure the utmost quality and durability of your tea packaging with thorough product and material testing that guarantees your blends are housed securely.