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Temporary Displays For Retail and Club Stores

Custom Corrugated POP Displays

Our custom corrugated pop displays are designed with precision, utilizing sturdy materials to showcase your products effectively in high-traffic B2B environments. Versatile and eco-friendly, these displays are ideal for tradeshows, retail and club stores, and point-of-sale marketing. With unique customization options and space-saving designs, our corrugated pop displays offer a powerful solution to increase brand exposure and drive sales for your business.

Floor Displays

Wholesale POP Display Supplier

Custom Corrugated POP Displays

Our custom corrugated pop displays are designed with precision, utilizing sturdy materials to showcase your products effectively in high-traffic B2B environments. Versatile and eco-friendly, these displays are ideal for tradeshows, retail and club stores, and point-of-sale marketing. With unique customization options and space-saving designs, our corrugated pop displays offer a powerful solution to increase brand exposure and drive sales for your business.

Floor Displays

What Are Temporary Corrugated POP Displays?

Temporary corrugated displays. also referred to as cardboard displays, are versatile and cost-effective marketing tools designed to showcase products in a temporary or short-term promotional setting. These displays are constructed using corrugated, which is lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to transport and set up in various retail environments. 

They are intended to capture the attention of customers at critical points within the store, such as near checkout counters or aisle ends, maximizing product visibility and impulse purchases. These displays are often used for seasonal promotions, product launches, or special events, providing businesses with a flexible and impactful way to draw attention to specific products or campaigns. 

Temporary corrugated displays can be custom-designed to suit the branding and messaging of the promoted items, creating a cohesive and engaging shopping experience for customers. Due to their temporary nature, they can be easily refreshed or replaced, enabling businesses to adapt their marketing strategies quickly and stay responsive to market demands.

Custom-Floor-Display With Packaged Bottles and labels

Corrugated POP Display Styles

Selecting the right corrugated display styles is crucial to maximizing the impact of your products in retail environments. By carefully considering factors such as product size, weight, target audience, and the intended location within the store, you can choose from a variety of styles, such as countertop displays, floor-standing displays, or endcap displays, to ensure optimal visibility and engagement with your customers.

custom printed pallet display

A large, freestanding marketing fixture made from corrugated and placed on pallets, designed to showcase and distribute products in bulk quantities in a retail or wholesale setting.

Health and beauty POP display

A versatile and eye-catching marketing fixture made from corrugated, strategically placed on the floor of a retail space, designed to showcase products and attract customer attention at the point of purchase.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays

A marketing fixture made from corrugated materials, positioned at the end of a store aisle, designed to showcase products and attract customer attention, driving sales and promoting specific promotions or new items.

printed corrugated floor display

A versatile and space-saving marketing fixture, attached to existing retail fixtures like shelving or end caps, providing additional merchandising space for smaller products and enhancing product visibility in high-traffic areas.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays

A compact and eye-catching marketing fixture, designed to sit on retail countertops, effectively showcasing small products and encouraging last-minute purchases at the point of sale.

POP Display Dump Bin

An open and easily accessible marketing container, typically placed on the store floor or near checkout areas, designed to display bulk or discounted products, encouraging spontaneous purchases and quick restocking.

Corrugated POP Display Customization Options & Services

Selecting the right corrugated POP display with customization options and services is the key to elevating your product marketing strategy. With a wide array of design choices and tailor-made solutions, our corrugated displays offer the perfect match for your brand’s unique needs and product requirements. Whether it’s showcasing new merchandise, promoting seasonal campaigns, or optimizing retail space, our customizable displays empower your business with visually appealing and effective marketing tools that captivate customers and drive sales.

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Custom Display
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  • Process: Flexographic printing utilizes flexible relief plates to transfer ink onto corrugated material, distinguishing itself from other print options by its raised plate surface. This high-speed and cost-effective method is especially suited for large volume print runs, setting it apart from digital and lithographic printing.
  • Properties: With a wide range of ink options, flexographic printing ensures vibrant and durable graphics, making it versatile for different corrugated flute sizes. This feature sets it apart from lithographic printing, which uses metal plates, and digital printing, which offers more customized designs.
  • Applications: Flexographic printing is commonly used for mass-producing corrugated displays, retail packaging, and promotional materials, making it different from lithographic printing, which is more suitable for premium and luxury product presentations, and digital printing, which is favored for personalized and on-demand displays.
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  • Process: Digital printing directly transfers images from digital files to corrugated material, eliminating the need for printing plates. This distinguishes it from flexographic and lithographic printing, both of which require plates for the image transfer process.
  • Properties: Known for exceptional color accuracy and detail reproduction, digital printing stands out from flexographic printing, which may have limitations on intricate details. Its ability to produce short print runs and customized designs sets it apart from lithographic printing, which is better suited for higher volume runs and consistent color reproduction.
  • Applications: Digital printing is widely used for on-demand and customized corrugated displays, product prototypes, and limited edition packaging, making it different from flexographic printing, which caters to large volume print runs, and lithographic printing, which is favored for high-resolution imagery and premium packaging.
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  • Process: Lithographic printing transfers ink from a metal plate to a rubber blanket and then onto corrugated material, delivering high-quality images with sharp details. This differentiates it from flexographic and digital printing, both of which use different plate types or direct digital transfers.
  • Properties: With the ability to produce intricate designs and fine text, lithographic printing stands out from flexographic printing, which may have limitations on detail reproduction. Its consistency in color reproduction distinguishes it from digital printing, which may vary in color accuracy depending on the substrate.
  • Applications: Lithographic printing is commonly used for high-resolution imagery, premium packaging, and high-value product presentations, setting it apart from flexographic printing, which is more suitable for mass-producing displays, and digital printing, which caters to customized and on-demand requirements.
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By understanding the unique processes, properties, and applications of each printing method, designers can make informed decisions when selecting the most suitable option for their corrugated display projects, ensuring a successful and impactful outcome.

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What is Corrugated Material?

Corrugated material used in a corrugated display refers to a type of strong and versatile paperboard that consists of three layers – a fluted inner layer between two flat linerboards. This unique structure provides excellent durability, making it ideal for creating sturdy and reliable displays. Corrugated material is commonly used for its cost-effectiveness, recyclability, and ability to be easily printed and customized to create eye-catching and impactful marketing solutions.

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A Flute corrugated material, known for its thickness and stacking strength, is used for heavy-duty and large POP displays. These displays are ideal for showcasing durable products or for shipping boxes that require added protection and stability.

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B Flute corrugated material, with its excellent printability and stacking strength, is popular for creating visually appealing retail packaging and displays. These displays strike a balance between aesthetics and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of products.

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C Flute corrugated material, widely used and versatile, offers a good mix of stacking strength, cushioning, and printability. C Flute displays are commonly employed for mid-sized retail displays and packaging, catering to various product types.

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E Flute corrugated material, known for its fine printability and smooth surface, is ideal for intricate designs and detailed graphics. These displays are perfect for lightweight and aesthetically appealing retail packaging and displays.

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F Flute corrugated material, the thinnest among commonly used flute sizes, offers high printability and a sleek appearance. These displays are ideal for retail applications that require fine graphics and a sophisticated look, suitable for lightweight product presentations.

Vector scheme, type of corrugated board or cardboard isolated on white. Cardboard flute typical and usual grades, sizes, or types. Single face, single wall, double wall, triple wall corrugated.
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Single wall corrugated displays are crafted from corrugated material with one fluted layer between two linerboards, making them a flexible and cost-effective solution for point-of-purchase displays. These displays are perfect for showcasing lightweight products or temporary promotions, such as seasonal campaigns or short-term retail events. With moderate strength and printability, single wall corrugated displays offer eye-catching graphics and quick assembly, making them a practical choice for retail environments that require swift setup and easy transportation.

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Double wall corrugated displays are constructed with two fluted layers separated by three linerboards, providing increased strength and durability. These displays are well-suited for presenting heavier products, supporting long-term marketing campaigns, and handling prolonged usage requirements. Double wall corrugated displays offer enhanced stacking strength, making them ideal for showcasing larger or bulkier items that demand additional support. They provide added protection during shipping and handling, ensuring products remain intact and visually appealing throughout their lifecycle.

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Triple wall corrugated displays feature three fluted layers and four linerboards, offering exceptional strength and rigidity. These displays are specifically designed for displaying extremely heavy or valuable products, industrial equipment, or large-scale promotions that require robust support and long-term durability. With maximum strength, triple wall corrugated displays are ideal for industrial applications, trade shows, and high-value product presentations. Their structural integrity ensures superior protection against rough handling, transportation challenges, and prolonged use.

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Packout and fulfillment for POP displays refer to the process of assembling and packing the various components of the displays and ensuring their successful distribution to the intended retail locations. The packout stage involves organizing the individual elements of the corrugated display, such as printed graphics, structural components, and any additional promotional materials, into a complete and ready-to-ship package. Fulfillment, on the other hand, focuses on the distribution and logistics of getting the assembled POP displays to their designated retail outlets or event locations, ensuring timely delivery and efficient placement.

Benefits of Packout and Fulfillment for POP Displays:

  • Streamlined Process: 
  • Expert Handling: 
  • Cost-Effectiveness: 
  • Distribution Expertise: 
  • On-Time Delivery: 

Corrugated POP Display Benefits & Applications

Corrugated displays offer a range of benefits, including heightened product visibility and enhanced brand recognition, making them an effective marketing solution to drive sales and capture customer attention. With their versatile and customizable designs, corrugated displays provide cost-effective solutions for promoting products, creating memorable shopping experiences, and boosting overall business success.

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Interested In Corrugated Point Of Purchase Displays?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with our clients from concept to completion addressing any and all requirements made by retailers. We have helped many businesses before save time, money and effort in presenting compliant POP displays to retailers the first time.

Yes, we do offer recyclable and other sustainable materials. Contact us and we can go over sustainable options with you that best fit your project.

Order minimums vary from project to project, it usually depends on the type of packaging, design, size and desired materials. Contact us and we will evaluate the best options for your packaging needs.

Lead times can vary depending on your display style, design, quantity, materials and other factors. To get an accurate lead time for your project, contact us and a packaging expert will assist you.

Alternatives to corrugated or temporary POP displays that we offer include semi-permanent and permanent displays, which consist of heavy corrugated, metal, glass, wood and other materials.

Shipping is free to all Southern California businesses. Fees are generally added to orders outside of Southern California or if you need a rush order.

Custom Point of Purchase Displays