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Wholesale Rigid Boxes Supplier

Custom Rigid Boxes

Explore our range of rigid boxes, available in a variety of styles including two-piece, collapsible, book, match, and more. We offer custom inserts, finishes, and designs to create the perfect packaging solution for your products. These boxes cater to a wide array of industries, such as retail, cosmetic, electronic and others, providing both aesthetic appeal and protection.

custom setup box with ribbon

Wholesale Rigid Box Supplier

Custom Rigid Boxes

We help businesses create custom rigid boxes tailored to their product and brand. Maximize the efficiency of your packaging with our wide product selection, features, material options and services.

custom setup box with ribbon

What is Rigid Box?

Rigid boxes are high-quality packaging solutions constructed from durable materials such as chipboard, greyboard, and paperboard, offering a premium appearance and excellent structural integrity. These boxes can be wrapped with various materials like paper, fabric, or leather, and can be customized with inserts, finishes, and designs to accommodate diverse products and branding needs.

The primary benefits of rigid boxes include exceptional durability and an upscale appearance. Their sturdy construction, combined with the choice of materials and customization options, provides enhanced protection, safeguarding delicate items during shipping and handling, while their luxurious look elevates the perceived value of products.

Common applications for rigid boxes encompass retail, cosmetics, electronics, gift items, and luxury products. These versatile boxes cater to different industries and products, ensuring optimal protection and offering a wide range of customization options to create an appealing unboxing experience for customers.

custom rigid boxes

Popular Rigid Box Packaging Applications

Here are some of the most popular rigid box applications we can help you with, but are not limited to:

Custom Rigid Box Styles

Check out our wide selection of rigid box styles that can be fully customizable with your brand, colors, design, and more. 

custom beverage rigid box

Two Piece

A two piece box style is the most common type of rigid box. It can be a separate bottom and lid, or fully telescopic. They are reliable, sturdy, and consumer friendly.
collapsible rigid boxes

Collapsible (Foldable)

Collapsible rigid boxes provide consumers with a more personalized and fun experience. These boxes are made to be foldable and highly customizable. In addition, these products cost less to ship and store due to their foldable features.
custom match rigid box

Match (Slide)

Match or slide style boxes consist of two components: the sleeve and the box tray. These boxes are simple to use and often referred to as match, slipcase, or sliding box.
book style rigid box


Book style boxes are structured to function and display your product in a book like container. They are very sturdy and high quality.
custom magnetic boxes


Magnetic lock boxes provide many of our clients’ products with extra protection and prestige over their competition.
custom rigid boxes

Other Styles

Other setup boxes include: hinged/flip lid, shoulder/neck, round shaped, one piece, and custom shaped.

Rigid Box Customization

Whether you are looking to package electronic and medical devices, hardware, cosmetics, or any other products, we can address all of your custom packaging needs, while ensuring that you are compliant to any shipping, government, or retail requirements.

Graphic Design

Customize your packaging with your own graphic design, logo, company information, product information, and more.

Print Options

Select how you want to package printed: digital, flexography or lithography.

Inserts & Partitions

Create custom inserts or partitions that are designed for your package and product. Corrugated, foam, and plastic options available.

Structural Design

Partner with our structural design team in creating and optimizing the shape, size, and folds of your package.


Add a finish to your custom packaging such as a UV gloss, foil stamp, or with a matte finish.

Material Options

Select the right thickness and protection for your product. Sustainable options available.

Rigid Packaging Services

Add more value to your product and packaging experience with our in-house capabilities and services. Work one on one with a project specialist throughout the entire packaging process with services designed to help you meet your goals and maximize your results, while providing you with peace of mind.

Expert Consulting

Expert consulting can help you select the ideal rigid box for your application by evaluating factors such as product requirements, branding, and aesthetics, ensuring a perfect balance of protection and presentation.

Digital Print

Digital print enables you to create highly customized, vibrant, and intricate designs on your packaging, elevating your brand’s visual appeal and enhancing the overall customer unboxing experience.

Structural Design

Structural design is essential as it ensures a tailored fit and optimal protection for your products while enhancing their presentation and elevating the overall customer unboxing experience.


Evaluate and test the effectiveness of the chosen box design, materials, and customization options, ensuring they meet your specific requirements and provide optimal protection and presentation for your products before committing to a large-scale order.

Graphic Design

Graphic design allows you to create visually striking and cohesive packaging that reflects your brand identity, elevating the perceived value of your products and creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

Product & Material testing

Product and material testing helps determine the most effective box design, materials, and customization options for your items, ensuring optimal protection, durability, and presentation throughout shipping and storage processes.