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Wholesale Foam Supplier

Custom Foam Packaging

Our packaging foam product line features a variety of materials, including polyurethane, polyethylene, expanded polystyrene, and other common packaging foams. We specialize in crafting custom inserts, endcaps, covers, and moldings for a wide array of applications, ensuring optimal protection for your products. Antistatic, conductive solutions for ESD-sensitive items, poly lamination and additives are also available to meet diverse requirements.

ESD custom packaging box set

Wholesale Foam Supplier

Custom Foam Packaging

We help businesses create custom foam tailored to their product needs, whether you are looking to store, ship, or display your products. Maximize  your product’s protection and packaging efficiency with our wide product selection, features, material options and services.


What is Packaging Foam?

Packaging foam is a versatile and lightweight material designed to protect items during shipping, transportation, and storage. These materials are available in various forms and densities, including polyurethane, polyethylene, expanded polystyrene, expanded polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, and more.

The primary purpose of packaging foam is to provide cushioning, insulation, and protection for delicate or sensitive items, preventing damage due to impact, vibration, or temperature fluctuations. Foam can be used in applications like electronics, automotive parts, glassware, furniture, and more, making it a versatile choice for various industries.

The benefits of using packaging foam are numerous. They offer excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of damage to the packaged products, and can be customized to fit various shapes and sizes, ensuring proper protection for a wide range of items.


Popular Foam Packaging Products

Here are some of the most popular foam packaging applications we can help you with, but are not limited to:

Foam Material Options

Polyurethane, polyethylene, and expanded polystyrene are the most popular types of foam used amongst all industries from our clients, but are not limited to.

Polyethylene foam is superior in durability, odorless, no liquid absorption, buoyant, shock absorption and abrasion resistant foam. Typically, It is used in medical, electronic devices, and industrial applications. Poly laminations available.

Polyurethane foam (Ether/Ester) is very resilient and durable foam that can come in a variety of colors and density. This type of foam is used to protect many electronic devices such as computers and hard drives, auto parts and other fragile items.

Expanded Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam, can be shaped to a specific size and shape, this foam offers high compression and thermal properties. Generally used for inner package support, box liners, coolers, pads, corner and edge protectors.

EPE foam, or expanded polyethylene foam, is a closed-cell foam known for its lightweight, flexibility, shock absorption, and water resistance. EPE foam is ideal for cushioning and protecting delicate items like glass, electronics, furniture, and other items.

XLPE foam, or cross-linked polyethylene foam, is a closed-cell foam that offers superior durability, color variations, elasticity, and thermal insulation. XLPE foam provides excellent protection for fragile or sensitive items, such as electronics, retail, automotive and other items.
eggshell foam

Other Foams

We supply businesses with other types of packaging foams such as extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam. If you are interested in other types of packaging foams, then contact us to explore options.

Foam Solutions for Specific Industries

Whether you are looking to package appliances, bikes, toys, cosmetics, electronics, food, beverage, or any other products, we can address all of your custom packaging needs, while ensuring that you are compliant to any shipping, government, or retail requirements.

Electronic Packaging

Durable, strong, and protective foam for cameras, TVs, laptops, accessories and more.

Industrial Packaging

Resilient, shock absorption, and abrasion resistant foam for sharp objects, heavy equipment, hand tools, metal pieces and aero space.

Ecommerce Packaging

Damage control, shock resistant, and product protection foam for electronics, cosmetics, industrial products and many more..

Medical Packaging

Sterile, stain resistant, shock absorption, and durable foam for medical devices, equipment and electrical defense.

Retail Packaging

Lightweight, indefinite shelf-life, dense options, and multiple colored foam for consumer goods, small appliances, glass products and more.

Beverage Packaging

Reliable and durable protection for fragile products such as liquor bottles, wine and other glass products.

Foam Packaging Solutions

Add more value to your product and packaging experience with our in-house capabilities and services. Work one on one with a project specialist throughout the entire packaging process with services designed to help you meet your goals and maximize your results, while providing you with peace of mind.

Expert Consulting

Expert consulting can help you identify the ideal foam material for your application by evaluating factors such as product fragility, weight, and specific requirements, ensuring optimal protection and performance.

Structural Design

Structural design enables tailored protection, accommodating unique dimensions and characteristics of products, ultimately enhancing safety and reducing potential damage during transportation or storage.

Product & Material testing

Product and material testing for packaging foam is essential as it helps determine the most effective foam solution for your items, ensuring optimal protection, durability, and performance throughout shipping and storage processes.


Sampling allows you to evaluate and test the effectiveness of the chosen foam solution, ensuring it meets your specific requirements and provides optimal protection for your products before committing to a large-scale order.

Electro Static Discharge

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) solutions for packaging foam is crucial for protecting sensitive electronic components from potential damage caused by static electricity, ensuring their safe transportation and storage.


Our fulfillment services streamlines the process of packing, shipping, and delivering your products, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring efficient and reliable protection during transportation.