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Foam Inserts, Sheets, Insulation, Anti-Static and More

Custom Foam Packaging

Our custom foam packaging offers tailored protection for your products. We design and create foam inserts that perfectly fit and safeguard your items during transportation and storage. Our foam packaging solutions, featuring materials like polyethylene, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene, and various foam options, cater to a wide range of applications and needs, guaranteeing protection from impacts and vibrations for your products.

Corrugated plastic REFT with Black Foam insert

Foam Inserts, Sheets, Insulation, Anti-Static and More

Custom Foam Packaging

Our custom foam packaging offers tailored protection for your products. We design and create foam inserts that perfectly fit and safeguard your items during transportation and storage. Our foam packaging solutions, featuring materials like polyethylene, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene, and various foam options, cater to a wide range of applications and needs, guaranteeing protection from impacts and vibrations for your products.

Corrugated plastic REFT with Black Foam insert

What is Packaging Foam?

Packaging foam is a versatile and lightweight material designed to protect items during shipping, transportation, and storage. These materials are available in various forms and densities, including polyurethane, polyethylene, expanded polystyrene, expanded polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, and more.

The primary purpose of packaging foam is to provide cushioning, insulation, and protection for delicate or sensitive items, preventing damage due to impact, vibration, or temperature fluctuations. Foam can be used in applications like electronics, automotive parts, glassware, furniture, and more, making it a versatile choice for various industries.

The benefits of using packaging foam are numerous. They offer excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of damage to the packaged products, and can be customized to fit various shapes and sizes, ensuring proper protection for a wide range of items.


Foam Packaging Products

Selecting the right type of foam product is crucial for optimizing your product’s protection in transportation and storage. From product inserts to molded foams, we can address all of your foam packaging needs, ensuring your items are safe and secure throughout their journey.

Foam Packaging Material Options

Selecting the right foam packaging material is a strategic decision, whether you prioritize optimal protection, anti-static properties, high compression strength, or other specific requirements. Our extensive range of foam options ensures you find the perfect fit to meet your unique packaging needs.

Polyethylene foam is superior in durability, odorless, no liquid absorption, buoyant, shock absorption and abrasion resistant foam. Typically, It is used in medical, electronic devices, and industrial applications. Poly laminations available.

Polyurethane foam (Ether/Ester) is very resilient and durable foam that can come in a variety of colors and densities. This type of foam is used to protect many electronic devices such as computers and hard drives, auto parts and other fragile items.

Expanded Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam, can be shaped to a specific size and shape, this foam offers high compression and thermal properties. Generally used for inner package support, box liners, coolers, pads, corner and edge protectors.

EPE foam, or expanded polyethylene foam, is a closed-cell foam known for its lightweight, flexibility, shock absorption, and water resistance. EPE foam is ideal for cushioning and protecting delicate items like glass, electronics, furniture, and other items.

XLPE foam, or cross-linked polyethylene foam, is a closed-cell foam that offers superior durability, color variety, elasticity, and thermal insulation. XLPE foam provides excellent protection for fragile or sensitive items, such as electronics, retail, automotive and other items.
eggshell foam

Other Foams

We supply businesses with other types of packaging foams such as extruded polystyrene (XPS) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) foam. If you are interested in other types of packaging foams, then contact us to explore options.

Foam Packaging Applications and Solutions

Our custom foam packaging offers tailored solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need precision inserts for delicate electronics, cushioning for heavy industrial equipment, or protective padding for valuable goods, our foam solutions ensure your products arrive at their destination intact and damage-free.


Within the retail sector, our foam solutions serve as an essential element in packaging, enhancing the presentation and protection of your products. Our foam materials ensure that your merchandise arrives in pristine condition, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation and handling. With an emphasis on aesthetics and functionality, our retail-focused foam solutions make a positive impact on your customers’ unboxing experience, contributing to brand loyalty and satisfaction. Learn more about our retail packaging applications.

Addressing the needs of the electronics industry, our foam solutions provide a reliable defense against shocks, vibrations, and electrostatic discharge (ESD). We understand the critical nature of electronic components and devices, and our foam materials are meticulously engineered to guarantee the safe transport and storage of delicate electronics. From circuit boards to sensitive sensors, our foam packaging ensures that your electronic assets are well-protected throughout the supply chain, maintaining their functionality and performance.

In the medical realm, the hygiene, security, and precision of packaging are paramount. Our foam solutions are purpose-built to meet these demands, ensuring that medical equipment, instruments, and supplies remain uncontaminated and undamaged. With an unwavering commitment to quality and compliance, our foam materials provide sterile and reliable packaging options that healthcare professionals can trust. Whether it’s surgical tools or diagnostic devices, our foam packaging safeguards the integrity of critical medical assets.

Catering to the diverse requirements of the industrial sector, our foam solutions are engineered to provide robust protection for heavy machinery, components, and rugged equipment. We understand the challenges of industrial environments, and our foam materials are designed to withstand harsh conditions and prevent damage from impacts and abrasion. From factory floors to construction sites, our foam packaging solutions ensure that industrial assets are transported and stored securely, contributing to operational efficiency and cost savings. Learn more about our industrial packaging solutions.

The aerospace and defense industries demand the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our foam materials are rigorously tested and certified to meet these exacting requirements, ensuring the secure packaging of critical components, aircraft parts, and defense equipment. With a focus on precision and durability, our foam solutions provide confidence in the integrity of aerospace and defense assets, whether they are being transported across the globe or stored for future use. Our commitment to excellence aligns with the stringent standards of these industries, guaranteeing peace of mind for our clients.

Addressing the unique challenges of the food industry, our foam solutions are designed to preserve the freshness and quality of perishable products. Our foam packaging materials are compliant with food safety regulations and provide effective insulation and protection during transit and storage. From farm to table, our foam solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring that food products reach consumers in perfect condition, extending shelf life, and enhancing the overall food supply chain.

Tailored to the specific needs of e-commerce businesses, our foam packaging solutions offer reliable protection for products during shipping and handling. We understand the importance of a positive unboxing experience for online customers, and our foam materials contribute to that by securely cradling items and reducing the risk of damage in transit. With a focus on sustainability and cost-effectiveness, our e-commerce foam solutions align with the demands of modern online retail, providing added value to businesses seeking to enhance customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Meeting the challenges of beverage packaging, our foam materials offer a secure and insulated solution for preserving the quality of beverages during transportation and storage. Whether it’s carbonated drinks, fine wines, or delicate spirits, our foam packaging solutions maintain product integrity and prevent breakage. With a commitment to preventing temperature fluctuations and ensuring a reliable barrier against external elements, our foam materials support the beverage industry in delivering their products to consumers in perfect condition, enhancing brand reputation and consumer satisfaction.

In the automotive industry, precision and protection are paramount when packaging components and parts. Our foam solutions are engineered to meet these exacting standards, ensuring the secure transportation and storage of automotive components, from engine parts to sensitive electronics. With a focus on shock absorption, temperature resistance, and anti-static properties, our foam materials safeguard automotive assets from damage, reducing the risk of costly defects or malfunctions. Whether it’s for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or aftermarket suppliers, our foam packaging solutions play a vital role in maintaining the quality and reliability of automotive products throughout the supply chain, contributing to safer and more efficient vehicles.


In the world of luxury goods, presentation and protection are of paramount importance. Our foam solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of luxury brands, ensuring that high-end products, such as designer fashion items, jewelry, and premium accessories, are elegantly presented and impeccably protected during shipping and storage. With a focus on aesthetics, our foam packaging enhances the unboxing experience, creating a sense of exclusivity and sophistication for discerning customers. Whether it’s couture clothing, fine watches, or exquisite leather goods, our foam solutions add an extra layer of luxury to the packaging, elevating the overall brand experience and leaving a lasting impression.


Foam’s exceptional shock absorption properties make it a vital component in packaging fragile items. When subjected to impact forces during transportation or handling, foam cushions and disperses the energy, preventing damage. This property ensures that delicate products, such as electronics and glassware, arrive at their destination unharmed, thanks to the foam’s ability to absorb and dissipate kinetic energy effectively.

In sensitive electronic environments, our specialized foam solutions provide critical protection against electrostatic discharge, safeguarding delicate components and preventing damage from static electricity. With ESD-resistant foam materials, we ensure that your electronic products remain safe from electrostatic hazards during transportation and storage, maintaining their reliability and functionality. Learn more about our ESD packaging solutions.

Foam density is a critical property that influences its suitability for various packaging applications. High-density foam, characterized by tightly packed cells, offers robust support and durability, making it ideal for heavy items. Conversely, low-density foam, with more open cells, provides soft cushioning for lightweight and delicate products. The choice of foam density is crucial to ensure the safety and protection of packaged goods.

Compression strength is a measure of foam’s ability to withstand and recover from pressure. Packaging foam must maintain its shape and cushioning properties even when subjected to the weight of the packaged items or external forces. Foam with high compression strength ensures that products remain adequately protected throughout the shipping and handling process, reducing the risk of damage.

Some foam materials offer excellent thermal insulation properties, which are invaluable for packaging temperature-sensitive products. Whether preserving the cold chain for perishable goods or safeguarding heat-sensitive items, thermally insulating foam helps maintain the desired temperature within the packaging. This property is crucial for industries like food and pharmaceuticals where temperature control is paramount.

Water-resistant foam is a key property for protecting products from moisture and water damage. It acts as a barrier, preventing liquids from infiltrating the packaging and compromising the integrity of the enclosed items. Water-resistant foam ensures that packaged goods remain dry and free from damage, even in damp or humid conditions.

Flame-retardant foam is engineered to resist ignition and slow down the spread of flames, making it essential for industries where fire safety is a top concern. This property helps protect both the packaged items and the surrounding environment, reducing the risk of fire-related incidents during storage or transportation.

Elasticity in foam refers to its ability to return to its original shape after being compressed or deformed. Foam with good elasticity maintains its cushioning properties over time, ensuring that it can be reused for multiple shipments. This property extends the lifespan and reliability of foam packaging materials, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses.

Tear resistance is a critical property that ensures the durability of foam packaging. It prevents the foam from easily tearing or breaking during handling, use, or while protecting the packaged items. Foam with high tear resistance maintains its structural integrity, reducing the risk of damage to the products it envelops.

For additional solutions and a diverse range of packaging applications, please feel free to contact Brown Packaging. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the perfect packaging solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Whether you require custom packaging design, eco-friendly options, or innovative packaging solutions for unique products, Brown Packaging is your trusted partner in delivering quality packaging solutions that meet your business goals. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities for your packaging needs.

Foam Packaging Customization

Add more value to your product and packaging experience with our in-house capabilities and services. Work one on one with a project specialist throughout the entire packaging process with services designed to help you meet your goals and maximize your results, while providing you with peace of mind.

Expert Consulting

Our expert consulting services provide tailored guidance and strategic insights to help you make informed packaging decisions and optimize your packaging processes.

Structural Design

Our structural design expertise ensures your packaging is not only visually appealing but also optimized for functionality, protection, and cost-efficiency.


Our fulfillment services streamlines the process of packing, shipping, and delivering your products, allowing you to focus on your core business while ensuring efficient and reliable protection during transportation.


We provide sampling services to help you evaluate and refine your packaging prototypes, allowing you to make data-driven decisions before full-scale production.

Product & Material testing

We offer comprehensive product and material testing to guarantee the durability, safety, and compliance of your packaging, assuring its suitability for your specific industry and requirements.