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Pet Food, Toys, Accessories, Essentials & More

Pet Packaging Solutions

Our pet packaging solutions prioritize the safety, freshness, and convenience of pet products, from food and treats to toys and essentials. We specialize in crafting packaging that keeps your pets happy and healthy, ensuring your products remain well-preserved and easily accessible.

custom corrugated boxes with print and custom printed gusseted pouches

Pet Food, Toys, Accessories, Essentials & More

Pet Packaging Solutions

Our pet packaging solutions prioritize the safety, freshness, and convenience of pet products, from food and treats to toys and essentials. We specialize in crafting packaging that keeps your pets happy and healthy, ensuring your products remain well-preserved and easily accessible.

custom corrugated boxes with print and custom printed gusseted pouches

Pet Packaging Solutions and Applications

Our pet packaging solutions cater to a diverse array of applications for new and existing products within the pet industry, encompassing everything from pet food, treats, toys, accessories, and medications to essential pet products. We specialize in crafting packaging that ensures the safety, freshness, and convenience of these items, supporting the varied needs of businesses in the pet sector.

Our pet food packaging solutions are designed with freshness and product protection in mind. Whether it’s kibble, canned food, or specialty diets, our packaging ensures that pet food remains nutritious and appetizing. We offer a range of options, including resealable bags and airtight containers, ideal for businesses in the pet food manufacturing and distribution sector.

Our packaging solutions for pet treats are tailored to maintain the taste, texture, and aroma of these delightful rewards. We offer a variety of packaging formats, including pouches, jars, and individually wrapped options, to meet the diverse needs of treat manufacturers and retailers.

Pet toy packaging demands durability and visibility to showcase playful products effectively. Our packaging solutions protect toys during transit and allow customers to see the fun they’re offering their pets. We cater to businesses specializing in pet toys and entertainment.

Pet accessories packaging is designed to showcase and protect items such as collars, leashes, harnesses, and grooming tools. Our packaging solutions are crafted to enhance product visibility and ensure that accessories arrive in pristine condition, ideal for businesses in the pet accessory industry.

Pet essentials packaging encompasses a wide range of products, including bowls, pet beds, leashes, and pet carriers. We offer packaging solutions that protect these essentials during shipping and storage, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition for retailers and distributors.

Our grooming product packaging ensures the integrity of shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and more. These solutions offer easy dispensing and informative labeling, meeting the needs of pet grooming businesses.

For pet bedding and linens, our packaging solutions maintain freshness and hygiene. We offer various sizes and designs to accommodate different bedding materials, perfect for pet bedding manufacturers and retailers.

Packaging for aquarium supplies, such as fish food and water conditioners, keeps products in pristine condition. Our solutions cater to aquarium and fishkeeping businesses, ensuring the quality of aquatic products.

Training aids packaging maintains the quality of training pads, clickers, and treats. Our designs prioritize convenience and product freshness, ideal for pet training businesses.

Packaging for pet healthcare products, including supplements and first-aid items, ensures efficacy and safety. We offer informative labeling and secure packaging, meeting the needs of veterinary clinics and pet healthcare businesses.

Our eco-friendly packaging for waste management products, like waste bags and disposal containers, offers convenience and responsible disposal options. These solutions cater to pet waste management businesses and environmentally conscious pet owners.

Packaging for pet apparel and costumes ensures that clothing items, including costumes, jackets, and sweaters, remain in pristine condition. Our packaging solutions accommodate various clothing styles and sizes, meeting the needs of pet fashion designers, retailers, and specialty boutiques.

Pet travel accessory packaging is designed to secure items such as pet carriers, travel bowls, and car seat covers during transit. Our packaging solutions offer protection and ease of handling for businesses in the pet travel accessory industry, including pet supply stores and travel gear manufacturers.

If you have a applications and solutions that doesn’t fit into one of our other categories, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Contact Brown Packaging to discuss your packaging needs and we will work with you to create a customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

Pet Packaging Products

Our pet packaging products encompass a wide range of solutions, including corrugated boxes, folding cartons, shipping boxes, pouches, bags, and more. Designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the pet industry, our packaging ensures the safety, freshness, and convenience of pet items, supporting effective storage, transport, and presentation.

Pet Packaging Customization

Our customization capabilities for pet packaging encompass a wide range of options, including branding designs, logo incorporation, color choices, size variations, and material selections. This ensures that your pet products receive tailored packaging solutions that align with your branding and product specifications, delivering a unique and standout presentation to captivate your target audience.

Experience the versatility of our print options, including flexographic, digital, and lithographic printing techniques. Whether you need vibrant colors, fine details, or high-quality imagery, our diverse printing capabilities ensure that your packaging showcases your brand with precision and impact.

Choose the ideal material for your retail packaging from our range of options, including corrugated, chipboard, plastic, and foam. Tailored to your specific needs, these materials offer various thicknesses and densities (where applicable), providing the perfect balance of durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal.

Ignite creativity with our graphic design customization, creating captivating visuals that complement your brand and product. Our designs are tailored to evoke emotion, convey your message, and enhance the overall visual impact of your retail packaging.

Make a lasting impression with branded packaging that reflects your unique identity. We incorporate your logo, color schemes, and brand elements seamlessly into the design, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty among your customers.

Add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your retail packaging with a variety of finishes. Whether it’s matte, gloss, embossing, or spot UV, our finishes create a visually appealing and tactile experience that elevates the perceived value of your products.

Stand out from the crowd with packaging that is tailored to your specific product dimensions and shape. Our customization options allow you to create unique packaging solutions that perfectly fit your products, optimizing space utilization and enhancing visual aesthetics.

Optimize organization and product presentation with customized inserts for your retail packaging. Whether it’s foam, molded pulp, or custom-designed dividers, our inserts provide secure containment, cushioning, and organization for your products, ensuring an elevated unboxing experience.

Tailor your retail packaging with custom features that enhance functionality and convenience. From easy-open mechanisms and resealable closures to tear strips and handles, our customization options provide practical features that make your packaging user-friendly and engaging.

Enhance product visibility and consumer engagement with customization options that showcase your products effectively. From clear windows and transparent panels to innovative display elements and interactive packaging, our solutions draw attention to your products and encourage customer interaction.

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment with sustainable packaging solutions. Our customization options include eco-friendly materials, recyclable or biodegradable options, and design choices that minimize waste, allowing you to align your packaging with sustainable practices and appeal to environmentally conscious customers.

Optimize the functionality of your retail packaging with customized solutions. From stackable designs and modular packaging to multi-purpose containers and collapsible structures, our customization options offer efficient storage, transportation, and shelf display, maximizing convenience and space utilization.

Preserve the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products with our temperature control customization solutions. Whether it’s insulated packaging, gel packs, or thermal liners, our designs help maintain the desired temperature range during shipping and storage, ensuring the freshness and efficacy of your products.

Ensure adherence to regulatory standards with our customization solutions for retail packaging. Our designs incorporate necessary labeling, warning symbols, and compliance features to meet industry-specific regulations, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your packaging meets all required standards.

Create inclusive packaging experiences with accessibility customization options. From easy-open features and Braille labels to ergonomic designs and user-friendly packaging, our customization solutions cater to individuals with diverse abilities, promoting equal access and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Streamline your supply chain with our customization solutions for retail packaging. We analyze your logistics requirements and design packaging solutions that maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize waste, ensuring seamless integration into your supply chain operations.

Protect your products and combat tampering or counterfeiting with our security customization solutions. We offer various security features, such as tamper-evident seals, holographic labels, and track-and-trace technologies, to safeguard the authenticity and integrity of your products throughout the retail journey.

In addition to the categories listed above, there are many other ways that packaging can be customized to meet a business’s unique needs. To learn more about other customizable options, businesses are encouraged to contact Brown Packaging to get started.

Pet Packaging Services

Our pet packaging services are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses within the pet industry. Whether you require customized packaging solutions to enhance brand visibility or standardized options for efficient storage and transportation, our comprehensive services ensure that your pet products are securely and professionally packaged, contributing to their success in the market.

Expert Consulting

Expert consulting services, including guidance from a dedicated project manager, are essential for creating custom packaging solutions that are functional, safe, visually appealing, and compliant with industry regulations.

Digital Print

In-house digital print services for packaging samples are crucial for businesses to quickly and accurately visualize and test their packaging designs before committing to mass production.

Structural Design

With in-house structural design capabilities, we can provide you with expert guidance and custom solutions that are optimized for functionality, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.


Sampling is crucial for businesses to test and refine their packaging designs before mass production, ensuring functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective solutions.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services enhance  packaging with unique brand graphics, whether by adding existing designs or creating new ones, resulting in stunning packaging that captivates consumers.

Product & Material testing

Product and material testing helps ensure high-quality, safe, and high-performing packaging solutions before product launch, providing confidence and peace of mind.