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Chipboard and Paperboard Boxes

Custom Folding Cartons

Our custom folding cartons come in various materials, styles, and features, making them suitable for display, storage, and shipping purposes. Additionally, we offer packaging services to ensure your products are securely packaged. Choose our custom folding cartons for versatile and expert packaging solutions.

custom folding carton boxes printed

Chipboard and Paperboard Boxes

Custom Folding Carton Packaging

Our custom folding cartons come in various materials, styles, and features, making them suitable for display, storage, and shipping purposes. Additionally, we offer packaging services to ensure your products are securely packaged. Choose our custom folding cartons for versatile and expert packaging solutions.

custom folding carton boxes printed

What is a Folding Carton?

A folding carton, often referred to as a foldable box or chipboard box, is a type of packaging made from paperboard. Folding cartons are lightweight yet sturdy, making them ideal for holding a wide range of products. They are commonly used for packaging items like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and other consumer goods. The versatility in design and size makes them a popular choice for brands looking to customize packaging in line with their product dimensions and branding aesthetics.

One of the key advantages of folding cartons is their sustainability and environmental friendliness, as many are made from renewable resources and are recyclable. The manufacturing process involves scoring and die cutting the paperboard to create a flat, easily transportable blank that can be assembled into a box shape when needed. This flat structure allows for efficient storage and transportation before assembly, reducing costs and environmental impact. Additionally, the surface of folding cartons can be printed with high-quality graphics and text, enhancing brand visibility and consumer appeal, making them not just functional, but also an integral part of product presentation and marketing.

Custom Folding Cartons

Custom Folding Carton Box Styles

Selecting the right folding carton is crucial for ensuring product safety and maintaining its quality during shipping and handling. Additionally, the appropriate choice of folding carton enhances brand presentation and customer appeal, effectively communicating the product’s value and identity.

Folding Carton Applications and Solutions

Our folding carton applications and solutions cater to a diverse range of industries, offering customizable packaging that meets specific product requirements and branding strategies. Whether for retail display, shipping durability, or eco-friendly options, our cartons provide effective, visually appealing, and sustainable packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our retail folding cartons are designed to enhance the in-store experience with eye-catching designs and sturdy construction. They are tailored to showcase products attractively on shelves, boosting brand visibility and consumer appeal. These cartons can be customized with unique prints, shapes, and sizes to align with brand identity and product specifications. Durable and versatile, they ensure products are protected while also serving as an effective marketing tool. See more retail packaging solutions.

E-commerce folding cartons are engineered for the rigors of online shipping and handling, ensuring products arrive in pristine condition. They are customizable to fit various product dimensions, providing optimal protection during transit. With options for easy opening and return-friendly designs, these cartons enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, their branding potential turns every delivery into a brand reinforcement opportunity. Learn more about our ecommerce packaging solutions.

Our food-grade folding cartons are made with safety and compliance in mind, keeping food products fresh and well-preserved. They provide ample space for branding and nutritional information, making them an effective tool for marketing and consumer information. These cartons are ideal for various food products, balancing functional needs with visual appeal. Checkout our food packaging solutions.

Designed specifically for the beverage industry, our beverage folding cartons accommodate different container sizes and shapes, ensuring secure and attractive packaging. They are robust enough to handle moisture and handling stresses, making them ideal for a wide range of beverages. The cartons can also be customized for branding, enhancing product visibility and consumer appeal. View our beverage packaging solutions.

Our industrial folding cartons are crafted for strength and durability, handling heavy or sensitive industrial products with ease. They are designed to accommodate different sizes and weights, ensuring safe transport and storage. Customizable to industry-specific requirements, these cartons often feature easy handling and stacking capabilities. Visit our industrial packaging page.

Electronic folding cartons are tailored to protect sensitive electronic products from static, impact, and other hazards. They are customizable to fit specific electronic items, ensuring maximum protection. These cartons also allow for brand-specific designs, making them essential for the safe transport and sale of electronics. Learn more about our electronic packaging page.

Our folding cartons for pet products are designed to securely contain and present a variety of pet items, from food to toys. They are sturdy and customizable in terms of size, shape, and branding, catering to the unique needs of the pet product market. These cartons enhance both the functionality and shelf appeal of pet products. Learn more about our pet packaging products and services.

Our snack folding cartons are designed to protect and showcase a variety of snack products attractively. These cartons are tailored to preserve the freshness and integrity of snacks, from chips to confectioneries. They offer ample space for engaging branding and nutritional information, making them a valuable marketing tool. Customizable in size and shape, they meet the unique packaging requirements of different snack items.

Cosmetic folding cartons are crafted to reflect the elegance and quality of the beauty products they encase. These cartons are designed with durability and aesthetic appeal in mind, protecting delicate items while showcasing them beautifully. Customizable in design and size, they enhance brand identity and facilitate customer attraction. Their construction ensures the safe storage and transport of a wide range of cosmetic products.

Our medical folding cartons are specifically designed for safety, compliance, and functionality. They are ideal for packaging various medical products, from pharmaceuticals to medical devices, ensuring they remain secure and uncontaminated. These cartons can be customized to include important medical information and branding while maintaining strict industry standards. Their robust design ensures product integrity throughout the distribution chain.

Dental folding cartons are tailored to the unique packaging needs of dental products and equipment. They provide secure and hygienic packaging solutions, essential for maintaining the sterility and effectiveness of dental items. These cartons can be customized with specific branding and instructional information, catering to both professional and consumer dental products. Their sturdy construction protects against damage and contamination.

Toy folding cartons are designed to be both sturdy and visually appealing, catering to the playful and vibrant nature of children’s toys. These cartons not only protect toys during transit and storage but also serve as an engaging presentation medium on retail shelves. They offer customization in terms of size, shape, and colorful designs, enhancing the appeal and marketability of a wide range of toys. Their construction balances durability with child-friendly designs, ensuring safety and attractiveness.

For additional solutions and applications of folding cartons, including specialized or unique packaging needs, contact Brown Packaging. We can provide tailored solutions and guidance based on specific requirements, industry, and product characteristics, ensuring that your packaging needs are met effectively and efficiently.

Folding Carton Customization

Whether you are looking to package food products, cosmetics, electronics, or any other lightweight products, we can address all of your custom packaging needs, while ensuring that you are compliant to any shipping, government, or retail requirements.

Print Options

Flexography (also known as flexo) is a printing process that uses flexible relief plates made of rubber or photopolymer to transfer ink onto various substrates, such as corrugated, plastic films, and paper. It is a high-speed, cost-effective printing method that is suitable for printing on rough, porous, and irregular surfaces.

Digital print refers to a printing method that uses digital files such as PDFs, JPEGs, or TIFFs as a source for printing images or text. Digital print technology has revolutionized the printing industry by offering faster turnaround times, lower production costs, and the ability to produce high-quality prints

Lithography is a printing technique that uses a flat printing plate, a special kind of ink, and oil-based or water-based liquids to transfer an image onto a substrate. It produces high-quality, sharp and clear prints that are suitable for printing high-resolution graphics and text.

Graphic Design

Finishes can be applied with various techniques to enhance their appeal. Gloss finishes give a shiny, eye-catching look; matte finishes offer a subdued, elegant appearance; spot UV highlights specific areas with gloss; and litho lamination provides high-quality, detailed graphics. Additionally, numerous other finishes are available to cater to diverse packaging requirements, adding distinctiveness and brand-specific character to the cartons.

Graphic design must reflect the brand identity and effectively communicate the brand’s message to customers.

Maximize product visibility by apply graphics with contrasting colors, bold text, and high-quality images.

The text used in the graphic design must be legible, both from a distance and close up. The font size, color, and style must be carefully selected to ensure that the text is easily readable

Have your graphics effectively utilize the space available on the display, including the sides and back, to maximize impact and exposure to the product.

Display relevant product information, such as product name, benefits, and features. This information should be presented in a clear and concise manner.

Create a design consistent with the brand’s overall design and marketing materials, ensuring a cohesive look and feel across all channels.

Flexible designing, allowing for the display to be easily updated as needed, without requiring a complete redesign.

View your product with a realistic 3-D rendering that is easily sharable. Renderings are ideal for reviewing display prototypes and enabling quick and cost effective edits and changes.


Structural design customization allows for tailoring the size, shape, and fold of folding cartons to precisely fit the product and branding needs. This includes creating unique shapes or sizes that stand out on shelves, and choosing folds that best suit the product’s security and display requirements. This level of customization is crucial for enhancing user experience and ensuring product protection while maintaining brand consistency.

Locking tabs are a customizable feature that enhances the security and integrity of folding cartons. They provide a secure closure without the need for adhesives, making the package tamper-evident and consumer-friendly. This feature is particularly useful for products that require extra security during transportation and retail display.

Hanging tabs are an added feature that allows folding cartons to be displayed on hanging racks, increasing visibility and accessibility in retail environments. They are ideal for lightweight products and can be custom designed to fit various retail display systems. This customization is beneficial for maximizing product exposure and optimizing retail space efficiency.

Cutout windows offer a glimpse of the product inside, enhancing consumer appeal and trust. They can be customized in various shapes and sizes, and are often covered with clear plastic to protect the product while allowing visibility. This feature is particularly effective for products where visual inspection prior to purchase is advantageous.

Customizing the strength and thickness of folding cartons, with options ranging from 10pt to 30pt, ensures optimal protection for different types of products. The most popular thicknesses – 18pt, 20pt, and 24pt – provide a balance between durability and ease of handling. Selecting the appropriate material thickness is essential for product safety, especially for items that are heavy or require extra protection during transport and handling.

Our folding cartons can be further customized with a variety of additional features to meet specific packaging requirements and creative preferences. This includes options like advanced printing techniques, special coatings, embossing, and debossing, enabling a unique and tailored packaging experience. For more information on these exclusive customization options and to discover the perfect solution for your product, please feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation.

Material Options

SUS/CUK material is known for its strength and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty packaging needs. It’s made from unbleached wood pulp, giving it a natural, rustic appearance, and is often coated for added moisture resistance and printability. This material is commonly used for packaging items that require robust protection, like electronics and hardware.

SBS is a high-quality, premium paperboard material, known for its bright, clean appearance and excellent printing surface. It is made from bleached virgin wood pulp, making it ideal for high-end packaging applications where a strong visual impact is desired. Common uses include cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food packaging, where both aesthetics and product protection are key.

CCNB, Clay Coated News Back, is a cost-effective and eco-friendly material option for folding cartons, made from recycled newsprint and covered with a clay coating. This coating provides a smooth, white surface ideal for high-quality printing and vibrant graphics, making it a popular choice for consumer goods packaging. CCNB is not only durable but also sustainable, appealing to environmentally conscious brands and consumers looking for responsible packaging solutions.

CRB is an eco-friendly packaging option made from recycled materials. It’s a sturdy, cost-effective choice suitable for a wide range of packaging applications. The recycled content makes it a preferred choice for brands focused on sustainability, and it’s often used for everyday consumer goods packaging.

Micro-flute corrugated is a lightweight yet sturdy material, offering excellent protection with a thinner profile than traditional corrugated cardboard. It’s ideal for delicate items needing extra cushioning and is easily customizable for various packaging shapes and sizes. This material is often chosen for its balance of protective qualities and ease of handling, suitable for items like glassware and electronics.

UKB, or uncoated kraft boxboard, is a robust and versatile material known for its natural, organic appearance. Made from unbleached kraft paper, it provides a sturdy and eco-friendly packaging option, often favored for its recyclability and compostability. This material is commonly used for products where a rustic, earthy aesthetic is desired, such as organic or artisanal goods, and is valued for its simplicity and strength.

Folding Carton Packaging Services

Add more value to your product and packaging experience with our in-house capabilities and services. Work one on one with a project specialist throughout the entire packaging process with services designed to help you meet your goals and maximize your results, while providing you with peace of mind.

Expert Consulting

Our expert consulting services provide tailored guidance and strategic insights to help you make informed packaging decisions and optimize your packaging processes.

Digital Print

Utilizing advanced in-house digital printing technology, we offer high-quality printed samples that showcase your packaging design concepts effectively.

Structural Design

Our structural design expertise ensures your packaging is not only visually appealing but also optimized for functionality, protection, and cost-efficiency.


We provide sampling services to help you evaluate and refine your packaging prototypes, allowing you to make data-driven decisions before full-scale production.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team specializes in creating captivating visuals, ensuring your packaging communicates your brand identity and product messaging effectively.

Product & Material testing

We offer comprehensive product and material testing to guarantee the durability, safety, and compliance of your packaging, assuring its suitability for your specific industry and requirements.

Interested In Folding Carton Packaging Solutions?