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Pouches, Bags, Boxes & More

Coffee Packaging

We offer custom and stock packaging solutions for your coffee products, including boxes, bags, pouches, and more. These practical and visually appealing options are designed to keep coffee beans fresh and protected, while effectively showcasing your brand. Choose our reliable packaging to both preserve the quality of your coffee beans and elevate their shelf presence.

Coffee Packaging

Pouches, Bags, Boxes & More

Coffee Packaging

We offer custom and stock packaging solutions for your coffee products, including boxes, bags, pouches, and more. These practical and visually appealing options are designed to keep coffee beans fresh and protected, while effectively showcasing your brand. Choose our reliable packaging to both preserve the quality of your coffee beans and elevate their shelf presence.

Coffee Packaging

Coffee Bags and Pouches

Our coffee bags and pouches are designed to keep your beans or grounds at their freshest while offering an aesthetically pleasing presentation. Crafted meticulously, they provide both optimal protection and an attractive showcase for your coffee products.


Pouch & Bag Styles

Crafted from natural kraft paper, these bags and pouches exude an earthy and organic feel. The durable material ensures protection against external factors while presenting a rustic charm, making them ideal for brands aiming for an eco-friendly or artisanal image.

White bags and pouches provide a clean, minimalist aesthetic, acting as a blank canvas that complements a variety of branding styles. Their neutral tone enhances product visibility and offers a versatile backdrop for labels or printed designs.

Printed pouches and bags are tailored to bring a brand’s vision to life. With custom graphics, colors, and logos, these packaging solutions are perfect for businesses aiming to make a strong visual impact and enhance brand recall.

Made from flexible plastic, poly bags are lightweight and resistant to moisture, making them perfect for preserving the freshness of coffee. Their transparent nature can showcase the quality of the beans or grounds, while also providing a barrier against external contaminants.

Designed to stand upright on shelves, stand-up pouches and bags offer a prominent display for your coffee. With a sturdy base and often equipped with resealable closures, they ensure product freshness while maximizing shelf presence and space efficiency.

Flat bags and pouches are streamlined, space-saving options ideal for sample packs or smaller quantities. Their sleek design makes them easy to stack, store, and transport, all while offering ample space for branding and labeling.

Featuring expandable sides, gusseted bags and pouches offer added volume, accommodating varying amounts of coffee with ease. The gusset design allows the bag to expand when filled and contract when empty, making them a practical choice for bulk packaging and ensuring maximum freshness.

Tailored for tasting sessions or promotional giveaways, sample-size pouches and bags are perfect for introducing customers to a new blend or flavor. Compact and convenient, they offer just the right amount to entice a palate, while their smaller footprint makes them perfect for events, mailers, or inclusion in larger product bundles.

Embodying simplicity with a touch of personalization, these pouches and bags are unprinted but accompanied by a label. This design choice allows for versatile branding opportunities, where the label can be easily updated or changed as needed, making it ideal for limited editions, seasonal blends, or businesses that frequently update their offerings.


Diversify your brand’s presence with an array of print options. Whether you’re aiming for bold graphics, subtle patterns, or minimalist designs, our range ensures your products capture attention and convey your brand’s story effectively.

Choose from an assortment of materials to align with your brand’s ethos and requirements. From eco-friendly kraft to durable plastic variants, our selection provides the perfect balance between protection and presentation.

Prioritize the user experience with functional features tailored to your product’s needs. From easy-tear perforations to innovative pouring spouts, we offer solutions that enhance usability while retaining freshness.

Work with our in-house design team to bring your vision to life. Whether starting from scratch or refining an existing design, our experts ensure your packaging resonates with your audience and stands out on the shelf.

Regardless of your product’s volume or shape, our custom sizing ensures a snug fit, maximizing protection and minimizing waste. Optimize your packaging to suit everything from small sample sizes to bulk quantities.

Select between transparent designs to showcase your product in its entirety or clouded options for a hint of mystery. Both offer a distinctive look, with clear options emphasizing product quality and clouded designs providing a touch of elegance.

Enhance portability and convenience with integrated handles. Ideal for larger sizes or bulk products, handles ensure easy transportation for consumers, making your products more user-friendly.

Keep your products at their freshest with a range of closure options. From traditional heat seals to innovative zipper mechanisms, we provide solutions that ensure product longevity and repeated usability.

For unique requirements or ideas not listed, reach out to Brown Packaging directly. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, ensuring your packaging truly represents your brand and meets specific needs.

Coffee Boxes

Discover the ideal packaging solution for your coffee with our adaptable and tailor-made coffee boxes. Made from sturdy corrugated materials for robust protection or refined chipboard and paperboard for a high-end display, our coffee boxes guarantee the safety and captivating showcase of your beans and blends. Whether you prefer the resilience of corrugated containers, rigid boxes or the elegance of folding cartons, your coffee will be presented with a balance of security and style.

Coffee Box Options

Versatile and sleek, folding cartons offer an elegant solution for packaging. Easy to assemble and lightweight, they provide a combination of style and functionality, making them ideal for a variety of products. View our folding carton page.

Crafted for robust protection, these boxes are made from corrugated cardboard layers. Their strength makes them a go-to choice for heavier items or those requiring extra protection during shipping or storage. View our custom corrugated box page.

Designed specifically for mailing and shipping needs, corrugated mailers are sturdy yet lightweight. With a tight-fitting design, they ensure products remain secure, reducing the risk of damage in transit. View our custom corrugated mailer page.

Tailored for recurring deliveries, subscription boxes offer a delightful unboxing experience for recipients. They can be customized both in design and size to keep the contents a pleasant surprise each time. View our subscription box page.

Offering a premium feel, rigid boxes are constructed from high-quality materials and provide a solid structure. Their durability, combined with their upscale appearance, makes them a favorite for luxury items or special editions. View our rigid box page.

Crafted with a touch of elegance, gift boxes add an extra layer of allure to any product. Their design often features magnetic closures or satin ribbons, heightening the unboxing experience and making them perfect for special occasions or gifting.

With both top and bottom flaps tucking from the back to the front, the straight tuck end box provides a seamless look on both sides. It ensures a clean presentation, suitable for products that prioritize aesthetics. View our corrugated tuck end box page.

Featuring a design where one flap tucks from the front to the back and the other in the opposite direction, the reverse tuck end offers a snug fit. This style is practical and often used for products requiring a tight closure. View our corrugated tuck end box page.

For unique requirements or specific design preferences not mentioned, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brown Packaging. We’re committed to providing a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and visions.


Elevate your boxes with diverse print options, from bold graphics to subtle hues. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant pattern or a minimalist design, our range ensures that your brand’s narrative is conveyed effectively.

Select from a myriad of materials tailored to your brand’s essence and needs. Whether it’s the resilience of corrugated cardboard or the refinement of premium paperboard, we’ve got you covered.

Infuse practicality into your packaging with features like easy-to-open tabs, resealable flaps, or innovative locking mechanisms. These functionalities not only enhance the user experience but also ensure the content’s safety.

Collaborate with our adept design team to translate your vision into reality. Be it a design overhaul or subtle tweaks, we’re here to ensure your boxes resonate with your target audience.

No matter your product’s dimensions, our custom-sizing ensures a snug fit every time. This personalization not only enhances presentation but also provides optimal protection.

Add a touch of luxury with finishes like matte, gloss, foil stamping, or embossing. These final touches can drastically enhance the overall appeal, making your product stand out.

In a world prioritizing green choices, our sustainable packaging options align with eco-friendly standards. From recycled materials to biodegradable solutions, we offer choices that both you and the environment can appreciate.

Ensure items remain secure and organized with tailored inserts and partitions. Whether it’s cushioning fragile items or organizing multiple components, these additions offer both protection and presentation benefits.

For distinctive requirements or design aspirations beyond our listed offerings, Brown Packaging is just a call away. We’re dedicated to accommodating your unique needs, pushing the envelope on design, and functionality.

Coffee Packaging Services

Our comprehensive packaging services encompass expert consulting, prototypes, and samples, alongside meticulous structural and graphic design. With product and material testing as well as co-packing and fulfillment, we ensure your packaging journey is seamless from concept to delivery.


Expert Consulting

Leverage our industry expertise to guide you in making informed decisions that align your packaging with your brand’s goals and customer expectations.

Co-Packing & Fulfillment

Streamline your operations with our co-packing and fulfillment services, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the efficient packaging and delivery of your coffee.

Structural Design

Our skilled team transforms concepts into reality through precise structural design, optimizing the form and function of your packaging for a flawless end product.


Experience the tangible manifestation of your ideas with meticulously crafted prototypes and samples that allow you to assess the visual and functional aspects of your packaging.

Graphic Design

Elevate your packaging’s visual identity with captivating graphic designs that resonate with your target audience and communicate your brand’s essence.

Product & Material testing

Ensure the utmost quality and durability of your coffee packaging with thorough product and material testing that guarantees your blends are housed securely.