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Frequently Asked Questions

Every client of ours will have a dedicated Account Manager that will be working with you throughout the project.

Yes, we will provide you the best recommendations for your product such as the type of packaging, style, design, features, and more.

Yes, if you have an existing packaging, we can help you lower your current lead times and reduce costs.

Yes, we can definitely help you meet any requirements and specifications required by a retailer or club store. Speak to your Account Manager for more details.

We can provide you with prototypes and samples before you place the order or as a first article. We can provide you a 3-D rendering if preferred. Depending on the stage and/or complexity of the project there may be a charge for these services.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means we do meet the requirements and quality standards that are typically required by our food, medical, and electronic partners.

We have manufacturers worldwide, which enables us to streamline even the most complex packaging process, while maintaining costs.

Yes, we help our clients pass any required test by creating their package to meet their desired certification’s quality standards.

We serve most industries with the exception of the cannabis industry, due to frequent changes in regulations and packaging standards.

Lead time will vary depending on your product needs such as: the type of package, features and customization, quantity, and other factors related to your project. In addition, market conditions can also play a role in fluctuating lead times.

Yes, the minimum orders we will accept for stock packaging is $750. Custom packaging order minimums will depend on the scope of the project.

We do not charge for shipping for Southern California orders. Rush orders or anywhere outside of SoCal will be charged for freight. 

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