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Our Custom Packaging Process

Project Introduction
  • We will assign a dedicated project manager to work one on one with you throughout your entire project.
  • Our project manager will reach out to you to learn more about your project, plans, goals, budget, deadlines, and other important details.
Project Outline
  • Once we have identified your project needs and requirements we can provide you with the best recommendations and course of actions,
  • Cost, lead time, materials, print options, finishes, and any other product specifications will be discussed prior to design.
Structure & Graphics
  • We will work with you in obtaining the proper structure (dieline) and graphic design of your package.
  • Your package’s size and shape will be optimized for logistics, product protection, promotion and display.
  • Your package will be designed to your specifications: logo, colors, print option, finishes, and more.
Project Review & Approvals
  • For quality assurance and your satisfaction, we can make any final revisions to your package. Once approved, production will begin.
  • If needed, we can produce product samples and assist in product/material testing and certification.
Project Completion
  • Once production from our trust manufacturers and partners is completed, we will schedule your product’s delivery.
  • If needed, we can offer you fulfillment and inventory management services.
  • Once your project is completed we will follow up with you regarding your experience and any additional packaging needs.

Interested In Custom Packaging?

Custom Corrugated Box

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are durable, recyclable, strong, and widely used in packaging applications.

Folding Cartons

Thin and flexible paperboard or chipboard cartons used in packaging lightweight products.

POP Displays

Showcase your products on the retail floor, counter-top, or shelf with POP Displays.
Custom Food-Pouch and Sample Packaging-


Multilayered film and plastic used to store and display lightweight products.
Custom_Foam_Packaging edge protectors


Protect your product with custom cut foam inserts and edge protectors.
Blister Packaging - Poly Bags, sample packs, and corrugated carrier

Other Products

Blister packs, clamshells, roll stock, thermoform, poly bags, mailers, and more.