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Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Supplier

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Our custom printed stand-up pouches offer versatility with options for reseal-ability, high barrier properties, and recyclability, catering to various industry needs including eco-friendly and functional packaging solutions. These pouches enhance product presentation while ensuring product integrity and quality, tailored to meet the specific requirements of businesses across different sectors.

custom printed stand up pouches

Wholesale Stand Up Pouch Supplier

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Our custom printed stand-up pouches offer versatility with options for reseal-ability, high barrier properties, and recyclability, catering to various industry needs including eco-friendly and functional packaging solutions. These pouches enhance product presentation while ensuring product integrity and quality, tailored to meet the specific requirements of businesses across different sectors.

custom printed stand up pouches

What is a Stand Up Pouch?

Stand-up pouches are a type of flexible packaging that stands upright on its own due to a bottom gusset, making them a popular choice for shelf display and maximizing retail space efficiency. Made from various materials such as plastic, foil, or paper, these pouches are designed to be sturdy yet lightweight. Their construction often includes layers laminated together to provide barrier protection against moisture, light, and air, preserving the freshness and extending the shelf life of the contents. Stand-up pouches are commonly used for packaging food items, pet treats, beverages, and non-food products, offering both convenience and functionality.

The design of stand-up pouches typically features a resealable zip lock or other sealing mechanisms, enhancing the product’s usability and consumer convenience. This resealability helps maintain product quality between uses. Moreover, stand-up pouches can be customized with various printing and branding options, allowing companies to create distinctive packaging that reflects their brand identity. The versatility and customizability of stand-up pouches, combined with their sustainable attributes such as being lightweight and often recyclable, make them a preferred packaging choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint while providing practical and attractive packaging solutions.

Custom stand up pouches with counter top display

Custom Stand Up Pouch Option & Features

Selecting the right options and features for your stand-up pouch is crucial as it directly impacts the product’s shelf life, consumer convenience, and brand perception. Tailoring the pouch’s material, design, and functionality to the product’s specific needs ensures optimal protection, enhances user experience, and effectively communicates the brand’s identity and values to the market.

Customize your pouches with a wide range of print options to create eye-catching and informative packaging. From vibrant full-color graphics to elegant minimalist designs, our print capabilities allow you to showcase your brand, product details, and promotional messages effectively. Choose from various printing techniques, including digital and flexographic, to achieve the desired look and feel for your pouches. Whether you aim to capture consumer attention on retail shelves or communicate essential product information, our print options provide the flexibility and quality to meet your packaging needs.

Our pouch film and material options cater to a wide range of packaging needs, offering selections from high-barrier films that protect against moisture, air, and light, to durable, eco-friendly options that support sustainability goals. Each material is chosen to enhance product preservation, safety, and shelf life, while also providing a premium look and feel that elevates your brand. With customizable thickness, flexibility, and barrier properties, we ensure your product is matched with the ideal packaging solution that meets both functional requirements and consumer expectations.

Choose from a variety of sizes to accommodate different product quantities and dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient packaging.

Achieve stunning and impactful pouch designs with our graphic design expertise. Our team of skilled designers can collaborate with you to create visually compelling packaging that aligns with your brand identity and product messaging. From captivating product imagery to informative labels and eye-catching logos, our graphic design services ensure that your pouches not only look great but also effectively communicate your brand story and product features. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need creative guidance, we can bring your ideas to life and make your packaging stand out in the market.

Lay flat pouches crafted from kraft material combine the timeless appeal of natural, earthy textures with the practical benefits of modern packaging technology. These pouches not only stand out for their rustic aesthetic, which resonates well with eco-conscious consumers, but also offer durability and a moderate barrier against environmental elements. Ideal for brands looking to enhance their eco-friendly image, kraft lay flat pouches provide a sustainable packaging option that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance.

Customize your pouches with high vapor barrier materials to protect sensitive products from moisture and external factors, ensuring product freshness and quality throughout their shelf life.

Spout stand-up pouches incorporate a spout and cap closure, making them perfect for liquid or granulated products requiring easy pouring and resealability. This design enhances convenience for consumers and can extend the product’s shelf life by protecting against air and moisture. Customization can include spout size, placement, and pouch material to suit different product needs and consumer preferences.

Enhance the visual appeal and tactile experience of your pouches with a variety of finish options. Tailor the finish to your brand’s aesthetic, whether you prefer a sleek matte finish, a glossy sheen, or a specialty finish for a unique texture. These finishes not only add a premium touch to your packaging but also help differentiate your products on store shelves, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Customize your pouches with various closure options like zippers, sliders, or resealable adhesive strips for added convenience and product protection.

Personalize your pouches with a range of print substrates and labels, allowing you to showcase branding elements, product information, and promotional messages effectively.

Enhance product visibility and consumer engagement by incorporating transparent or clouded windows into your pouch design, allowing customers to see the contents.

Gusseted stand-up pouches feature expandable sides or bottoms (gussets), allowing them to hold more product and stand upright more stably on shelves. This design maximizes internal capacity and efficiently utilizes retail space, making them ideal for bulky or irregular-shaped items. Customization options can include varying the gusset size, material, and print design to cater to specific product and branding requirements.

Block bottom stand-up pouches, also known as flat-bottom pouches, have a sturdy, rectangular base that provides enhanced stability for standing on shelves. Their five-panel design offers ample space for branding and high-quality printing, making them attractive for premium products. These pouches combine the benefits of a bag and a box into one, offering excellent product visibility and a distinctive shelf presence.

Ensure durability and product protection by choosing puncture and tear-resistant materials, making your pouches suitable for items that require extra strength and resilience.

Enhance product safety and consumer trust by incorporating tamper-evident seals into your pouches, providing visible evidence of product integrity and security.

Choose from a range of sustainability features, such as recyclable materials, eco-friendly inks, or biodegradable pouch options, to align your packaging with eco-conscious consumer preferences.

Implement QR codes with interactive features, like product information, videos, or augmented reality experiences, to engage consumers directly through their mobile devices.

Opt for UV-resistant materials and coatings to protect your pouches from sun exposure and maintain the integrity of your products, ideal for items that require outdoor storage or display.

Ensure product freshness and security with customizable heat seal options for your pouches. Heat sealing provides a tamper-evident and airtight closure, preserving the integrity of your products and preventing unauthorized access. Choose from different heat seal patterns and strengths to tailor your pouches to the specific needs of your contents, offering peace of mind to both consumers and manufacturers.

For temperature-sensitive products or delicate items, consider cold seal options for your pouches. Cold sealing ensures a secure closure without the need for heat, preventing heat-related damage or distortion of the contents. This feature is particularly useful for items like chocolates, candies, or pharmaceuticals that require gentle and reliable sealing to maintain their quality and appearance.

For any additional customization needs beyond our listed categories, please feel free to contact Brown Packaging. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you to explore unique and innovative packaging solutions that align with your brand’s vision and product requirements. We’re here to turn your packaging ideas into reality, providing tailored support and expertise to meet your customization needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Stand up pouches are recommended when you are displaying liquid, powder or loose solids products on a retail shelf. This makes the product more visible and accessible for customers in addition to their ease of use. Pouches can help you save on material costs compared to alternatives such as corrugated and chipboard materials.

Yes, we do offer recyclable and compostable materials for pouches. Contact us and we can go over sustainable options with you that best fit your project.

Order minimums vary from project to project, it usually depends on pouch style, design, size and desired materials. Contact us and we will evaluate the best options for your packaging needs.

Lead times can vary depending on your pouch style, design, quantity, materials and other factors. To get an accurate lead time for your project, contact us and a packaging expert will assist you.

We offer lay flat, spout, retort, side/bottom-gusseted and block bottom pouches. In addition to pouches, we also offer roll stock which is commonly used as an alterative.

Shipping is free to all local Southern California businesses. Fees are generally added to orders outside of Southern California or if you need a rush order.

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