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Case Studies: Hammer & Anvils

Hammers & Anvils: Kickstarter Game

Project Description

Our friends at Grim Tavern Games came to us with a new idea – a Kickstarter funded game that appeals to all ages and all different fans of tabletop games. They had an outstanding set of artwork and ideas ready to develop into a card game, and they asked us to work with them on developing the packaging and helping them with ideas to get their Kickstarter rolling.

Project Details

Client Grim Tavern

Skills Artios CAD Design, Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Cinema 4D

Hammer & Anvils
Hammer & Anvils
Hammer & Anvils
Hammer & Anvils
Hammer & Anvils

Making the Cards

Our client already had fantastic artwork, so our designing job was pretty straightforward. Grim Tavern wanted cards that felt light on the touch but were able to showcase the stunning artwork so we decided on a 4/4 AQ printing with on 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards. They had to be light but durable, and we were able to create a deck of 50 cards that worked smoothly with our client’s needs.


Folding Carton Dieline with CAD
Folding carton 3d rending prototype
Hammer & Anvils Folding Carton Retail
Hammer & Anvils Folding Carton - Case Study

Making The Box

Creating a box that showcased the artwork, provided a safe nest for the cards, and shipped well was a fun challenge. We went through several revisions of designs with Grim Tavern, and ended up with a stylish 3D design that they fell in love with immediately.

People Are Already Raving About It!

We love seeing people are already praising the game because we loved it too, and a special shout to To Die For Games for mentioning the package as well!! We love working with startups, unique ideas, and fun projects. We’re glad to see Grim Tavern doing well on Kickstarter and we hope you reach your goal quickly to get this project into people’s hands as soon as possible!

Hammers & Anvils