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Chipboard Packaging Explained: Products, Benefits & Applications

Custom auto bottom folding carton with print

What is Chipboard?

Chipboard is made from small wood particles mixed with resin, binders and other additives, which is then pressed together under high temperature with high amounts of pressure. It is thicker than normal paper, but doesn’t have flutes like corrugated boxes. Chipboard normally comes in a single layer material, but it can come in a variety of thicknesses dependent on your packaging needs.  This type of packaging is not meant for shipping purposes, it is best used for small consumer goods. For the purposes of this blog SBS, CCNB, CNK, SUS, and other similar products are included in this chipboard category.

stock chipboard boxes


  • Cost Efficient: Lower production and shipping cost.
  • Better for Storage: Takes up less space when being stored compared to other packaging products.
  • Printing: Ideal for design and customization and can be directly printed on.
  • Flexible: Easier to cut, fold and shape due to thinner material.
  • Protection: The density of the material gives strength and protection against possible damage.
  • Environmental Factors: It is made from recycled material. The energy used to create this product is far less than other packaging options.


  • Chipboard cannot hold heavy or fragile Items and does not offer as much protection compared to other materials like corrugated.

What are Common Chipboard Applications?

Chipboard is best suited for retail and lightweight displays because this material can be cut and folded into different sizes and thicknesses. Since it is easily customized and printed directly on, it allows for pictures and high-quality designs to be printed directly on the chipboard surface, as opposed to needing secondary labels. It is best used for lightweight and less valuable products due to it not being as strong as corrugated material. Most packaging seen in retail is chipboard material. Examples of this include packaging food, beauty products, pharmaceuticals and other retail items.

What are the Chipboard Packaging Products?

  • Folding cartons: Thin flexible paperboard or chipboard cartons used in packaging lightweight products. There are several different folding carton styles some being; Straight Tuck End, Reverse Tuck End, Auto Bottom, Full Seal, Shelf Displays and many other styles.
  • Setup Boxes: Premium two-piece boxes used to protect luxury items.
  • Inserts: Protect items and prevent them shifting from fulfillment to completion.
  • Pads: Used to provide products with extra protection and separate layers.
STE Hanging Box

Straight Tuck End (STE) Folding Carton with hanging tab

custom electronic box

Setup Box (Rigid Box)

Custom chipboard box with chipboard inserts


Chipboard pads white


Is Chipboard Right for your Packaging needs?

Deciding which packaging material will work best for your business needs is an important decision. You must take many factors into consideration when weighing your options. If you are looking for a light weight, cost efficient, highly customizable, and ecofriendly packaging option, then chipboard might be the best option for your packaging needs. If you are needing help deciding if chipboard is the right packaging material for you, contact Brown Packaging today and one of our packaging specialists will assist you.

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