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Ecommerce: How to Plan for Holiday Packaging

Holiday Packaging Ecommerce

The holiday season is the most important quarter for online retailers as it is the most profitable time of the year with many shoppers purchasing gifts for the holidays and taking advantage of online deals. Brands look to capitalize as much of their market share as possible by creating seasonal holiday experience for their customers with custom holiday packaging for their products. Holiday packaging is a great opportunity for brands to make their products more appealing than their competitors by advertising it as an ideal gift or seasonal product with a holiday design.

To help you with your holiday packaging, we recommend you follow these 5 packaging tips:

Plan for the Holidays Early on

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for not only online retailers but for other industries and businesses that work closely with them. As a result, it is important to get a head start on your holiday packaging. This will give you more time to plan and make changes to packaging design and functionality.

Proper planning and an early start can prevent you from missing important shipping and production deadlines. Typically, suppliers and logistics companies get overwhelmed during the holiday season, which does not allow them to fulfill your orders on-time if you do not order or schedule delivery prior to their deadlines. It is important for you to communicate with your packaging provider and freight company as it can affect your supply for the holiday season.

Focus on Seasonal Products and Gift Bundles

Consumers are looking to buy products that are holiday oriented to Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the New Year. They are also looking to purchase products for others. Seasonal products and gift bundles are ideal for the holiday season, as they address consumers’ buying preferences that are in demand.

For example, seasonal products are on the market for a limited amount of time, therefore many buyers will impulsively purchase the product to not miss out. In addition, other buyers will buy for the occasion of the holiday. Gift bundles are products that are packaged together, offering buyers the convenience and ease of purchasing gifts for family, friends, and colleagues. 

It is important to allocate your time, budget and effort towards seasonal products and gift bundles to adapt to demand according to your holiday purchase history over the years. This will help you maximize your results.

Custom Halloween Holiday Folding Carton 2d dieline with print

2D – Dieline of A Custom Folding Carton

Incorporate Seasonal Designs

The holidays are a unique time to provide your products with a seasonal packaging design that helps bring the holiday spirit and festive mood to consumers, while they interact with our product. Seasonal packaging designs can help your products attract consumers as well as getting them shared on social media or by word of mouth. Many online retailers use the holidays to improve their customer experience and leave a lasting positive impression.

Here are some ways you can incorporate the holiday season with your packaging:

  1. Use bright colors
  2. Give your packaging a nostalgic design
  3. Use festive patterns
  4. Focus on sustainability
  5. Utilize custom stickers, tape, gift tags, ribbons, and tissue paper
Rigid Box For Gift
custom rigid box with ribbon

Use Quality Materials

Increased demand during the holiday brings more fierce competition amongst ecommerce brands. Brands look to maximize the presentation of their products online, often by including the packaging with the product to communicate the uniqueness, quality, and holiday spirit.

The use of quality packaging materials is vital to ecommerce businesses in the holiday seasons, as their products are given as gifts to new potential customers. Packaging experience plays a large role in a consumer’s perception of a brand and product value. As a result, brands are often looking to use quality material to create their corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, or elegant bags.

In addition to quality materials, brands look to improve their packaging further with quality printing methods and finishing methods such as embossing and debossing.

custom beverage rigid box
custom setup box with ribbon

Work With a Packaging Provider

One way to plan for the holiday season is to partner with a packaging supplier, experienced in holiday packaging. Working with a packaging professional can put you a step ahead of your competition. A packaging professional should be able to guide you through the packaging process, meet your deadlines, while optimizing your packaging to meet your goals. In addition, packaging providers can help you with your packaging design to help communicate your message and improve your customer’s experience.

Summary: Holiday Packaging for Ecommerce

Holiday packaging is important for ecommerce because it helps online retailers adjust to seasonal trends such as consumer buying preferences and demand. The holidays give businesses the chance to alter the design of their packaging or to bundle products together as a gift set. Typically, change can help spark new and repeat interest for your products from what you offer all year round.

Without holiday packaging your company will not take advantage of its maximal potential in competing for customers. It will communicate to prospective customers that you don’t make any effort to highlight the holiday season, which can be a negative for your brand awareness.

If you are an online retailer looking for custom holiday packaging for your products, then partner with Brown Packaging today to get started.

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