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What is a Half Slotted Container?

Custom Gaylord Box

A half slotted container (HSC) is a strong, durable, and versatile type of corrugated box that has an open top and flaps at the bottom. HSC boxes are used for a variety of purposes such as storing, transporting, and product display. These boxes are one of the most commonly used corrugated boxes as they provide users quick access to manage a box’s content.

Half Slotted Container Real Life Applications

To get a better understanding of HSCs, we should look at everyday applications such as:

  • Record Storage Boxes – containers that contain side handles, can be designed with or without a lid. Usually, these boxes are used to contain files, office supplies, and other miscellaneous items.
  • Gaylord Boxes – a huge storage container that takes the size of a pallet, used to hold and provide extra protection for packages in transit.
  • Telescopic Boxes – A two piece box with one box small enough to tuck into the other. Sizes and shape of telescopic boxes can vary.
  • Shoe Boxes with detachable lid
Half Slotted Container
Not an HSC Box

What Are Half Slotted Containers Made Of?

HSCs are made with corrugated material, often mistaken for cardboard, which consist of multilayer fiberboard that consist of a top liner, flute in the middle and an inner liner. This material is designed to be sturdy and highly durable material. Depending on your desired level of protection and product weight will determine the thickness and strength of corrugated material you will need

For extra strength you can get an HSC box double wall or triple wall, which is an extra layer(s) of corrugated material.

HSCs can be designed to be 100% recyclable depending on the materials used to create it.

Summary: What is an HSC?

A half slotted container is essentially a regular slotted container (RSC) without the flaps at the top. It is important for you to have a good understanding of HSC boxes, as they can impact your product’s/items storage, transportation, and product display. HSC boxes can come in a variety of sizes, thickness, design, and features. 

If you are interested in half slotted containers, then contact Brown Packaging today as we are a wholesale supplier to stock and custom HSCs.

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