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8 Reasons To Invest In Custom Packaging

8 Reasons to Invest in custom packaging

Every business is unique with their own product, business goals, resources, market, and other factors. Which brings only more reason to why you should invest in a unique package tailored to your brand and product rather than a one size fits all standard/stock package. Custom packaging can bring your business many benefits such as helping you achieve your business goals, become more competitive, differentiate yourself in the marketplace, cut costs, and much more.

Despite there being so many incentives many small and large businesses often ignore or neglect the impact of custom packaging can have on their business.

In this blog, we hope to give you a better understanding and perspective on custom packaging, no matter what size company you are or what industry you are in. The right custom designed packaging for your products can have a huge impact on your results.

Decreases Your Overhead

Custom packaging can be expensive upfront, however if done right it can actually decrease your overhead in materials and logistics overtime to create a return on investment. 

For example, if you were to create a new custom package for your product line you will need to develop the structure, design, print, features, etc. Essentially, this adds to your overall fixed start up cost at the beginning. However, once you establish your custom package you no longer have to worry about the concept, tools, ideas, and other cost that go into creating one. 

When you are creating your custom package you will have the freedom to select the most optimal materials, structure and design for logistical and/or promotional purposes. This means you can become more efficient on not wasting material, protecting your merchandise, and managing your product cost efficiently throughout the supply chain.

decrease packaging costs

Improves Storage Efficiency

Space is always a major concern for businesses, which makes it imperative for them to properly manage their inventory. Custom packaging can actually help improve your company’s storage efficiency with the proper structural design.

For example, a custom box can be designed to be easily foldable in tight spaces versus a standard product box that will have its limitations. 

Custom boxes, pouches, rigid boxes, foam, and other packaging products can all be altered in shape, size, and folds (if applicable).

packaging storage efficiency

Increase Sales

One of the primary goals of business is to maximize sales. Essentially, when you package your products to ship or display to a consumer you are trying to sell your company/brand/product. Ultimately, in sales you always want to put your best foot forward and make that great first impression. To do so, you should invest in custom packaging to be competitive in capturing your target audience.

For example, when designing and creating your custom package you have the freedom of adding your product information, warranties, call to actions, cool graphics, and much more to entice the sale.

custom poly bags
Custom Printed Full Seal End Corrugated Box

Improve Brand Awareness

Branding is one of the key benefits of investing in custom packaging because you are able to add your logo, brand colors, and represent who you are through your products. Think of your custom packaging as free marketing and advertising for your brand.

Depending on where your product is shipped or displayed will determine how many people will see your advertisement, then you add in their social media, word of mouth, and eventually you will have a significant improvement in your brand awareness.

Better Representation of Your Brand

Think of your custom box, pouch, display, or whatever packaging product you choose to be an extension of your brand and how you communicate to your target audience. When you design your package you will want to tell your audience why they should buy from you. Essentially, your custom package should reflect your unique selling proposition.

For example, if you are a cost leader, then your package should reflect a cheaper and cost efficient design, versus a high end brand that will have their package made with premium material and features. Convenient brands may focus more on the custom experience.

custom shopping retail bags

Higher Perceived Value of Products

Perception is key in marketing yourself to your target audience (consumers). Therefore, buying a custom package tailored to your audience will leave a better impression and experience that will translate into a higher perceived value.

If you take the time, effort, and investment in creating a unique product that you will ship or display, then your customers will notice. It will be more eye-catching, memorable, and positive perception than a traditional or standard packaged product.

Maximize the Consumer Experience

Today, many consumers want their products to be easily accessible, readable, desirable, findable, useful, and valuable. To maximize your customer experience you want to appealing to your customers’ preferences, whether it is by creating a custom design, features, or structure of your package.

packaging experience

Meet Any Requirements

Every business has its goals, whether they want to ship their products, bring their products to retail, or create packaging for a product in a niche market (medical, electronic, food, etc.). Nevertheless, each industry and/or type of product is tied to meeting certain regulations, whether that may be government or retail requirements.

For example, if you were trying to create packaging for a food or medical product, then it may need to be approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). If you were looking to bring your product to retail, then that retail company will give you specific requirements on how to package your product from its size, design, structure, and print.

Ultimately, it will not be possible to meet some of your business goals without investing in custom packaging.

Summary: Why You Should Invest In Custom Packaging

There are many reasons why you should consider investing in custom packaging, Sometimes it may even be unavoidable depending on your business/product goals. Nevertheless, custom packaging provides businesses with the opportunity of freedom in creating their own package tailored to their brand, business, and goals.

With stock packaging products, businesses are limited in material selection, size, and shape. Not including branding, features, and other desirable packaging attributes.

If you make the investment in custom packaging you have the potential to improve your results. For example, you can decrease your overhead, improve supply chain efficiency, increase sales and brand awareness, and consumer perception/experience.

If you are interested in custom packaging, then contact Brown Packaging today to get started.

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