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What is a Rigid Box?

What is a rigid box?

Rigid Box, also known as a setup box, is a box made with strong and thick paperboard or fiberboard material. Typically, these boxes are customized with printed and decorated with paper, leather or fabric wraps, and additional features. Rigid boxes are popular among many brands due to their superior product protection and high perceived value among consumers. 

Rigid Box Styles

There are many different types of rigid boxes, which makes them diverse in structure, applications, benefits, and customization. To help you get a better understanding of the different types of rigid boxes see photos and explanations below:

Different Types of Rigid Box Styles

Two Piece Box

The most common and standard form of rigid boxes is a two piece box. A two piece box has a box with an open top that is covered by a lid. Two piece boxes are designed to be user and product friendly.

Collapsible (Foldable)

Collapsible, also known as foldable, are boxes that can be folded flat or take the shape of a box. As a result, these boxes can be ideal for minimizing storage and shipment costs. Collapsible boxes are designed to provide consumers with a more unique and personalized experience. 

Match (Slide)

Match, also known as slide, is a box with an open top that is covered by a sleeve. The box usually holds a tray inside that holds the content, while the sleeve is designed with graphics, company and product information, and other visual content. These boxes are popular by consumers and businesses due to the boxes’ ease of use. They are used to package electronics, decorative items, glasses, and more.


A book styled rigid box is exactly what it sounds like, these boxes are designed as a book like container. These boxes are usually made to hold small to medium sized products such as jewelry, perfumes, books, and more. Can be made fully recyclable depending on the materials used.


Magnetic closure boxes are one of the most premium and prestigious rigid boxes based on its design and ease of use functionality. These boxes are designed with extra protection and easily allow users to access the content of the box. 

Other Styles

There are many different types of rigid boxes which include: hinged/flip lid, shoulder/neck, custom shaped, one piece, and round shaped.

Rigid Box Applications

Rigid boxes are used generally to package high end and expensive items, or brands trying to position themselves as prestige. Below is a list of the most common items packaged in a rigid box:

  • Electronic items: computer mouse, headphones, tablets, electronic hardware and software, smart phones, keyboards, and other expensive consumer electronics.
  • Cosmetics items: makeup, eyeshadow, cologne, perfume, skincare (lotions, oils, and creams), and other self-care products.
  • Medical items: medical equipment and consumer products.
  • Retail items: gift boxes, product sets and jewelry. 
Rigid Box with Thermoform Tray

Rigid Box Benefits

There are many benefits to a rigid box such as:

  • Products that are packaged in a rigid box are perceived by consumers to hold high value, prestige, and quality.
  • Made with strong and durable material.
  • Can be made with eco friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Can be customized from a variety of box styles, sizes, shapes and features.

Rigid Box Customization

Rigid boxes can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and styles. They can be customized with your desired graphics, product information, branding, or message. These boxes may also be printed with digital, flexography or lithography. Some brands can design their rigid boxes to be stackable on a shelf or hanging from a fixture. Rigid boxes can vary in thickness and protection. The more durable and sturdy the box is, the more material will be used and the thicker the box will be. 

Typically these boxes are to hold inserts, which can hold items in place all throughout the supply chain to the end user. These inserts can be made with custom cavities to hold single or multiple items. You can select from a variety of materials such as foam, chipboard and thermoform. 

In addition, rigid boxes can be customized to fit any retail requirements or government regulations. For example, these boxes can be made with sustainable materials to meet the standards of a retailer, or they can be designed to fit on their shelf space, floor, or counter.

Custom boxes can be beneficial for many brands as they can maximize your product efficiency in storage, freight, material use, protection, and promotion. Ultimately, every rigid box is unique and is designed to fit the content it holds.

custom foam and box for medical

What You Should Know Before Buying a Rigid Box

Everyone wants to purchase a rigid box for the product, but not every product should be packaged in a rigid box, as it would be impractical. In most cases, the reason why a package should not be packaged in a rigid box is because it is too expensive. The material used in these packages are much pricier than a corrugated box, folding carton, poly bag, pouch, or most other packaging products. 

The cost you accrue from trying to out package your competition will eat into your margin and make you less competitive or even sustainable. If you are packaging something inexpensive or inelastic in demand, then you should not get a rigid box. 

Furthermore, your packaging may require certain requirements and may need to be packaged in something more suitable than a rigid box. For example, food and dairy products will not last on the shelf if packaged in a rigid box as it does not prevent contamination. 

If you are deciding on purchasing a rigid box, be mindful of most manufacturers or distributors’ order minimum. Often, they may require bulk orders, which can be costly. If you are purchasing a small quantity expect to pay near the amount of a bulk order price as it is costly to set up machinery and equipment to manufacture your packaging product.

If you are interested in rigid boxes, then contact Brown Packaging today to get started. We can help get you fully customizable premium boxes at competitive prices.

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